Kohima: Home Away From Home

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kohima north east

Kohima: Home Away From Home

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As said, a good traveller has no fixed plans, and I thank my god that I did not make any plan for my visit to Kohima in October 2016.

After a long day of ridding a motorcycle with one of my friends from Delhi, whose heart and soul stays in North East, we reached to a place called “MORUNG LODGE” – My second home now.

This place belongs to a lady named Nino who believes in positivity and is a wonderful host. Her home is very close to Kohima War Cemetery  (a tribute to the heroes who fought for their land during WWII) and surrounded by magical hills of Nagaland. I was super excited to see the view while having a cup of tea and listening to Mark Knopfler.

kohima north east
Kohima War Cemetery


The breath of fresh wind can be felt from the balcony, our evening were spent sipping warm rice beer (a local brew) under stunning stary night sky.

We at Morung Lodge were served the dishes that were freshly prepared using farm vegetables. Personal care & affluent hospitality is provided to all the visitors to make their stay pleasant (will be cherished always). The whole staff put a great deal of effort to make our stay comfortable and relaxing.

Owner of the house has a vast knowledge about the local places which is extremely helpful in getting the most from your visit.

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We spent our evenings listening to the stories/experiences of people from different part of the world staying together at the lodge. I am glad that I met people, connected with them & got to know their experiences. A couple from Germany, a single woman’s travel story from Israel, a guy travelling alone from Jaipur and motorcycle rider’s from Australia. We were all connected to each other through love for travel!

kohima north east

Would like to share a wonderful quote by Ibn Battuta before I end my little story of happiness that sums it up beautifully – “Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”.

-Written By Nishant Rodey


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What Is Your Africa IQ?

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Trippindian has truck loads of travel quizzes for you. One of them is the Africa Quiz. Find out how much you know about Africa.

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Super Tricky ODD ONE OUT Travel Quiz.

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Trippindian has truck loads of travel quizzes for you. One of them is this Super Tricky Odd One Out Travel Quiz. Give it a shot!!!

Trippindian’s favorite books for some instant travel inspiration.

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TRAVEL QUIZ: Guess The Language.

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Trippindian has truck loads of travel quizzes for you. One of them is the language quiz: Guess The Language. Give it a shot!

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5 Reasons Why The Dead Sea Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

Indeed! World is full of beautiful places and bizarre phenomenon and even if we’d got 1000 years of life expectancy, it wouldn’t have been possible to explore everything existing on this planet. But surely there are some places which one just can’t miss out in this lifetime. To experience a city and its culture is one thing, and to experience a natural phenomenon so bizarre is another. The Dead Sea is one of the most unique places on earth which lies between Jordan on the east and Israel on the West. Here are some reasons why the Dead Sea should be your next holiday destination.

1) You can’t swim there. Yes! You read it right. You can ONLY FLOAT. The Dead Sea is one of the saltiest water bodies on Earth which makes it nearly impossible to swim. Hence, you float. The concentration of salt is so much that even if you accidentally drink the water, it might be deadly.

floatPhotograph by Travelove

2) The salt of the Dead Sea is said to have various health benefits and is used in treating a lot of health problems. One major reason why all the ladies might be interested in going there is because applying the sand of the Dead Sea can help you deal with skin aging. 😀

muddyPhotograph by Never Ending Voyage

3) Ever seen a water body without aquatic animals? This is another reason why you’d want to visit it. The Dead Sea is basically a Salt Lake which is known to be 8.6 times saltier than the ocean. This makes it difficult for marine life to exist here. Hence, the name – DEAD sea.

fishPhotograph by Earthables

4) This startling lake is enclosed by stunning mountains and hills giving it a very dramatic look. Experiencing such alien phenomena amongst a spectacular landscape seems like an idyllic holiday, isn’t it?

Dead Sea-Beautiful sunset tourism destinations

Photograph by Bestourism

5) Waiting for the right time to visit? Folks, the time is always right to do the right thing. Unfortunately, every year the water level is dropping by a meter under the heat of the Middle Eastern sun. So don’t wait too long, you might miss your chance.

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-Written By Neha Parti

21-year-old girl, who one day realized how travelling to far off places and going on adventures could change perspective about life. That was the day when Trippindian was founded and she started finding her hobby, passion and profession in it.

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Sikkim, Rhapsody Of The Soul.

Sikkim is an abode for the soul searching for tranquility away from the hustle of the world. After all, the word SIKKIM is commonly attributed to the Tsong’s words ‘Sukhim’ which means, a new or a happy home. I believe that’s self-explanatory. Sikkim has been hailed as one of the world’s last utopias by legendary Buddhist guru Padmasambhava. That being said, it is arguably one of the loveliest destinations in India. The Rhododendron-clad Mountains, the stunning views of mount Khangchendzonga (8598m) from any view point of the state, exotic Himalayan Wildlife and the yummy local food. No wonder it’s such a haven for travelers.

If you’re planning for a detour from reality this is the place to be.



The nearest airport is in Bagdogra, West Bengal. The most common base city for travelers is Gangtok in North Sikkim. Every place is easily accessible from here. The best way to reach Gangtok from the Airport is by taking a cab. It takes around 4-5 hours.
Make sure the hotel you’ve chosen has a taxi service available to take you around Sikkim because there is absolutely no local transportation available to travel outside Gangtok.

Ban Jhakri Waterfalls Park – Gangtok


It is a beautiful waterfall, some 5 kilometers out of Gangtok. This park has a shamanistic theme. You walk through the cultures of Sikkim surrounded by beautiful flowers and chirruping birds. Which is like the cherry on the cake.

Gurudogmar Lake


One of the highest lakes in the world at 17,800 ft. It is considered to be sacred and is said to have curative powers. The majestic emerald blue color of the lake will leave you breathless, literally. There is paucity of oxygen and hence it is advised that each traveler must stay there for an hour, tops. Also, people having any heart conditions or asthma are not permitted to go.
It is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and a glacier with the same name. A trip to Gurudogmar Lake is a must.

Tsomgo lake (12,400 ft) – Baba Mandir (13,00ft)


If you love road trips, you’ll never forget this one. You have to take a cab with a permit from your hotel. A permit is a must! The road, oh! the road. Every time I look at the photos I keep flipping back and forth trying to relive each moment. So, this is a complete one day tour. Goes in steps, first comes the Tsomgo Lake, then the new Baba Mandir, followed by the Old Baba Mandir.

Tsomgo Lake, misty blue water surrounded by mountains reflecting their light into it. The colors catch your eye. The combination of red-blue-yellow-green on the flags just makes the scene pop. And makes a wonderful opportunity for a photograph!
Then comes, Baba Mandir. Make sure to go to the old one. The view from there is just amazing. You’ll love the drive as you follow the mountain trail. If you’re going from November to April, you’ll find loads of snow. Alongside the road you’ll cross many small lakes, just as beautiful. One of which is amusingly shaped like an Elephant. Make sure to stop along the way, wherever possible to embark the beauty and breathe in the freshness.

The story of Baba Mandir (or Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial) is truly enthralling. It’s important to connect to the places you go to. I believe, you’ll love the place even more once you know the history it carries along.

Temi Tea Garden – on the way to Namchi


Temi Tea Garden is Sikkim’s sole tea estate. The tea is marked by its exotic odor and flavor. Sit with leisure at some café, buy tea, take a walk along the tea garden and maybe be even get a photo clicked in the traditional attire carrying a basket. Like this one.

M.G Market Place – Gangtok


This market place was heaven for a shopaholic like me. Girls, you’ve got to visit this place at least once on your trip to Sikkim. After all, who doesn’t like collecting souvenirs?

Some more?

Monasteries of Sikkim are renowned all over the world. Sikkim has over 200 Monasteries. Below is the Rumtek Monastery, also known as the Dharma Chakra Centre.

Have you been to Sikkim as well? Share some pointers which we may have missed out. We’ll love to feature them as well.

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-Written by Manjyot Naggi


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