Kohima: Home Away From Home

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kohima north east

Kohima: Home Away From Home

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As said, a good traveller has no fixed plans, and I thank my god that I did not make any plan for my visit to Kohima in October 2016.

After a long day of ridding a motorcycle with one of my friends from Delhi, whose heart and soul stays in North East, we reached to a place called “MORUNG LODGE” – My second home now.

This place belongs to a lady named Nino who believes in positivity and is a wonderful host. Her home is very close to Kohima War Cemetery  (a tribute to the heroes who fought for their land during WWII) and surrounded by magical hills of Nagaland. I was super excited to see the view while having a cup of tea and listening to Mark Knopfler.

kohima north east
Kohima War Cemetery


The breath of fresh wind can be felt from the balcony, our evening were spent sipping warm rice beer (a local brew) under stunning stary night sky.

We at Morung Lodge were served the dishes that were freshly prepared using farm vegetables. Personal care & affluent hospitality is provided to all the visitors to make their stay pleasant (will be cherished always). The whole staff put a great deal of effort to make our stay comfortable and relaxing.

Owner of the house has a vast knowledge about the local places which is extremely helpful in getting the most from your visit.

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We spent our evenings listening to the stories/experiences of people from different part of the world staying together at the lodge. I am glad that I met people, connected with them & got to know their experiences. A couple from Germany, a single woman’s travel story from Israel, a guy travelling alone from Jaipur and motorcycle rider’s from Australia. We were all connected to each other through love for travel!

kohima north east

Would like to share a wonderful quote by Ibn Battuta before I end my little story of happiness that sums it up beautifully – “Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”.

-Written By Nishant Rodey


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modern world

5 Reasons The Modern World Needs To Travel More

We all know the importance of travelling and the advantages that it brings with it whether they are mental, physical or most importantly spiritual and there always have been a special emphasis on encouraging people to travel more but the recent turn of events globally have made travelling the need of the hour. I would like to present travelling as the single, most-powerful solution of the crisis that the world is facing right now regarding the recent populist political trend i.e. moving away from globalization. Travelling is not all about the personal and the individual, it affects society as whole as the process of travelling makes one more receptive and open-minded towards others and that open-minded school of thought is under threat right now. So here are the reasons that make travelling all the more important in the modern world:


The United Kingdom’s prospective withdrawal from the European Union was the one of the first of the events that set this trend towards localization which is not all wrong if applied within the limits of economic policies. However, there are reports of rising intolerance towards the people who are not natives and the issue of rising immigrants is also considered one of the major reasons behind Brexit and its after effects are not going to be very harmonious in long term.

Photograph Source

Trump as president

United States’ President campaigned and to put it mildly made headlines for all the wrong reasons. His hateful comments and all the more support of closed economy and isolation from the world has made the presumed dead white supremacists to come out of their graves and spread their hate.

Other movements

After Brexit, other populist politicians of other European countries are demanding for the same movement like Frexit for France and Nexit for Netherlands on the basis of similar issues. The biggest concern for travelers in this is that they will have to apply for different visas for travelling in the various countries of Europe as compared to the present highly connected Europe where you can apply for just one country and roam around the continent. However, that’s a far cry and the bigger concern is about the rising hate towards the people that doesn’t share the same culture.


For all the incidents above there is one major contributing factor which is Xenophobia i.e. fear and hatred for anything which is foreign. It doesn’t matter for now how these events will pan out but the message that events like these convey just encourages the islamophobics and racists and also makes them believe in their cause even more deeply.

The ‘Other’

It all boils down to the concept of the ‘other’ whether the other color, religion, culture or even gender. This distancing of ‘We’ from ‘them’ , and it will never get over if not other country then it will be the other state, if not that then it will be the other part of the town and even if not that then it will be the other neighborhood but the hate will prevail. It will never get over unless we start to accept the ‘other’ as our own.

So next time you travel somewhere even if it is the other part of your town where people of different culture reside, don’t just think of it as a nice, little trip; it is an uprising, an act of rebellion against the hate mongering people and their conforming herd. As Mark Twain also said “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” Also, join the revolution by trying to travel and know the ‘other’ and accept it as a part of your beautiful universe. Go out there and rebel.

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modern world

-Written By Vinay Khulbe

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A Foodie On The Loose In Pondicherry

We all love food, but how far can the love for food take you? In my case it took me precisely all the way upto Pondicherry, to explore the vibrant food scene there! Read on to know more about my delicious journey through the alluring lanes of Pondicherry, which all successfully culminated in my tummy and made my taste buds happy in the process!

(WARNING: Don’t read this on an empty stomach)


A map, a pair of good walking shoes, and a hungry tummy coupled with a fervent desire to explore the local jaunts that a place has to offer, are the best companions  of a ‘foodie on the loose’. And I had all these, and the only thing that was left to be achieved was some soul food that would not only tantalise my taste buds but also make a way to my heart.

Determined, I start my food journey from the heartbeat of Pondicherry- the Promenade beach, a unique mélange of rocks and the sea-shore on one side, and merry travelers and busy shops on the other side. I decide to commence this ‘food pilgrimage’ from the iconic Le Café, a seafront café where you can relish your coffee with the gentle breeze coming from the Bay of Bengal.  As I sip on my cold coffee while taking in the breathtaking view of the play of colours between the Sun and the sea, I can already envision myself happily in search of more stuff to please my palate.

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This task that I have set upon is no ordinary task, and I have armed myself with a map of Pondy in my hand to decode the food scene here. En route, I pay my respects at the Ashram, a place that resonates a certain aura of tranquility.  And after wandering through some roads and nooks and corners, I reach at my next destination-Hot Breads. Call me a rebel if you please, but I started this epic journey with some sweet goodies, which were so tempting that I couldn’t even find the time (or the patience) to click a photo of these and dug into them, straightaway. My Red Velvet Cupcake, with a whopping amount of frosting, and the refreshing blueberry pie found a way happily to my tummy, and intrigued my senses for more. Here I also learn that a café nearby, Café Xtasi, serves authentic wood-fired pizzas, and being a pizza lover that I am, I immediately realize my next stop.

cafe xtasi pondicherryImage by pondicherryinfo.com

After a lot of searching around, I spot this quaint, little café tucked around in a corner, and am immediately greeted by the warm hospitality of its owners. Browsing through its extensive menu, I zero in on the Vegeteriana Pizza. And believe me; it was like no pizza I have ever tasted before. Its super-thin crust and exotic veggies landed it the prestigious ‘Best Pizza Till date’ title! (Again, I couldn’t resist the urge and couldn’t click a pic of this beauty; perhaps I should work on my patience!)

If you love chocolates (who doesn’t?) consider stopping by Zuka, a store that boasts of a variety of chocolates and chocolate-based desserts, and indulge in the sinful decadence that so far you have only dreamed about. Do check out the decorations on their ceilings which they have done using chocolates itself!  After fulfilling my chocolate fanatsy, my stomach, and my heart, both have found contentment and I return back to my room with some great memories!

A big shout out to all the foodies out there! In search of a reason to set out and explore? Perhaps it’s time to pack your bags and embark upon a journey through tastes and cuisines!

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How to reach:

By air: Fly upto Chennai Airport, which is 135 km away from Pondicherry.

By rail: The nearest railway station is Villupuram, which is about 35 kilometres away from the town.

By road: There are various buses that one can take from Chennai, as well as other major towns in Tamil Nadu.

Best time to visit:


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Featured Image By India.com

-Written By Vinita Srinivasan

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kusum jain hauz khas

Mughals, Missionaries, Romans – Still Living In Hauz Khas.

She is ancient and she believes in preserving the rich history of India. 30 years back, she decided to follow her passion and carried on the legacy. Kusum Jain is one of a kind. Hailing from New Delhi, she says, her childhood days were the most fun-filled and she cherishes it till today. What a bliss it would be to be a part of third generation and she can truly and believably point out the difference in past and present. Unfortunately, she is not a fan of young generation. Ambiguous about the goodness of 21st century she says we have come a long way and some changes have been deep rooted. Lifestyles have changed, western culture has taken over and we are going with the flow.

kusum jain hauz khas
Image Source

She owns a shop in Hauz Khas, Delhi. That small burrow like shop is indeed very rich. Antiquities from all over India are showcased there, for sale, though. History was in the blood as she claims, her great grandfather entertained many foreigners and she grew up amidst them. Passion is what she followed and wisdom is what she is an epitome of. Ask her about history, she will immediately flip pages in her mind and present a picture before you. Like a queen, she owns everything there and interestingly, is pissed off when somebody does not value the indigenous items. An unsung personality, she had had some eminent guests from around the world.

From the President of Czechoslovakia to beautiful legend Rekha, she has made room for herself in the press and The Rough Guide to India and probably has given many interviews.

kusum jain hauz khas
Image Source

Beautiful jewelries worked with real gems and stone adorn her glass shelves. Different generations of camera, gramophone turntable record player, 300 year old maps, tin pamphlets, silver earrings and turquoise, sapphire rings, vintage books, textiles, tribal arts and what not, she has restored it for 30 years. 50, Hauz Khas, Cottage of Arts and Jewels is heaven for art restorers and history enthusiasts. Nearest metro station would be Hauz Khas. Get down, take an auto, and ask him to take you to Hauz Khas Village. The last shop in that line is Mrs. Kusum Jain’s shop in the basement. Relish yourself!

To me, life is as it comes, unpredictable and unstoppable. My aspirations doesn’t know any heights or limitations, though there are many. I am passionate about travelling because in it, I find an escape from the monotony. It unfolds a lot of history and mystery. Therefore, it is a journey of a kind. And it’s a pleasure to be a part of this journey.

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Dear Cinderella You Had It All Wrong. This Is What Should Have Happened.

Dear Cinderella you had it all wrong.

This is what should have happened.

So this all started when your stepmother literally choked your independence, hindered your growth and bolted you down with your dreams and aspirations.

You are beautiful. Even that dust and misery couldn’t take over your innocence I know you were a subtle light amidst the darkness that resided around you. Its strange how you accepted everything as if it was your fate.

The kid in me always empathized with you because sometimes staying in our comfort zone is the only choice we are left with. But what about today? When I am 19. When I am staying away from my family. The way I look at your story has totally changed.

That night when godmother handed over some colors to reprogram your fate, all you chose was to color your love life. That page had ‘not important’ as terms and conditions. You overlooked every other page that could make you a better individual, such as ‘freedom and wanderlust’.

Bolted and chained down since years, did you ever feel an urge to quench your thirst for wanderlust? Did you ever try to take that path down the forest and decide to never ever come back? Such escapes are those constant therapies that could make you crave yourself more than running to a ballroom dance for a guy who doesn’t even remember your face and has to literally identify you by the pair of glass slippers you wear.

There was a getaway who waited down upon you but all you chose was a validation from a prince over freedom.

Only if you would have chosen to take the pumpkin cart somewhere where you could find yourself first rather than settling for someone too soon, our way of perceiving those “happily ever after “ endings might have been way better.

Life is a bunch of getaways and escapes. And I hope you realize it soon that sometimes its amazing to be lost in a right direction rather than waiting for an eternity to be found for nothing good.

Regards, the one who still believes in you.

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-Written By Kanika Bhatia

Featured Image by Jill Wellington

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VALENTINE’S DAY GETAWAY: 5 Offbeat Destinations In India

Valentine’s Day means a lot of things to a lot of people. While there are some who dread the thought of V-Day, there are others who just can’t wait to cherish the bond they share with their loved ones. This one day holds phenomenal importance in every lover’s life, which is why it is of utmost importance to celebrate it in such a way, that it leaves an everlasting impact over your better half and moves their heart. And what could be a better way of celebrating it, than in a distant, dreamy, gorgeous location that makes you fall for each other all over again? A romantic escape amid the green valley or just two of you holding hands walking barefoot on white sand, that’s the dream, isn’t it? So here is a list of 5 off beat destinations to visit in India this Valentine’s Day. (A VALENTINE’S DAY GETAWAY)


valentine's day getaway gokarna
Image Source

What happens when all plans for Goa fail? When Lakshadweep is too expensive and Bali is way out of our league? We head to Gokarna! Four hours away from Goa, Gokarna is a dreamy and backpacker friendly land in Karnataka. The Om beach and Kudle beach provide one of the most romantic setting where you can catch the beautiful sunsets and enjoy some lovely delicacies at the beach-side shacks. It is also a great place for couples to relax away from the crazy urban hustle bustle. So if the two of you just want to enjoy the company of each other without interruption, Gokarna is the place to be. The weather in

February is extremely pleasant making it easy to walk around hand in hand.


Image Source

Mashobra is a quaint Himachali town set at a height of 7041ft, about 13kms NE of Shimla. It is cut off from the more frenzied hustle of the rest of Shimla, and thereby ideal for couples looking to get a little alone time in peace. Mashobra has gorgeous views, rich forests and blissful weather – whole year round. It’s a charming place with a lot of staying and eating options available all the time, including Valentine’s Day.


Image Source

Take the road less traveled and explore this tucked away part of Northeast India this Valentine’s Day. Situated at an altitude of 5000ft above sea level, Shillong is the capital hill station of Meghalaya – also known as “The Abode of Clouds”. A seemingly inexhaustible number of beautiful lakes and waterfalls find their place in the pine forests and the lush green mountains of Shillong. Not only does it have splendid weather conditions, it is also surrounded by most stunning natural beauty. Cherrapunjee, which gets the highest level of rain in the world, is just 56 kms from Shillong. Cherrapunji is also famous for its living root bridges, formed due to incessant rain. You can set up camp underneath these bridges and make your stay a memorable one!

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Image Source

The sun, the sea and the sand have a fascinating appeal about them that lures in lovebirds from all parts of the world. Havelock island in Andaman is one such paradise that offers ample time to couples to enjoy each other’s bond – both underwater and above the water. Havelock Island as a romantic getaway is meant only for those who want to feel that adrenaline push and are adventurous spirits. Not only is it one of the best diving sites in India, travelers can also try their skills at snorkeling, trekking, fishing and safari. Take a walk in the golden sands and let Havelock indulge you in its untouched beauty.


Image Source

For the adventurous couples, a trek in Spiti Valley is the best destination this Valentine’s Day. With a terrain that is seriously challenging and a landscape that is drop dead gorgeous, the Spiti valley makes for an exceptional adventure destination. There are places in India that are outlined by treacherous alleys and lie buried under stiffened snow for most part of the year. Spiti Valley is one such place. Spiti is home to some of the highest villages, oldest monasteries and the most stunning landscapes you’ll ever see. All of this makes trekking in Spiti worth your while.

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Featured Image By Olessya

I’m Nehal, a 21 year old graduate from Delhi University. Born and brought up in Guwahati, Assam, I’ve always followed my dreams – be it regarding career or passion.

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5 Life Lessons That Travel Taught Me

The beauty of travel lies in the fact that it can mean different things for different people- for some it is a mode of recreation, away from the chaos of city life; for some it is the opportunity to do something new and exciting, for a much needed break from the monotonous course of life; while for some it is a journey on the path to rediscovering themselves.

Well, whatever is your motivation to pack your bags and head out; it is for sure that you will be embarking upon an experience that will give you life lessons like no other. Here are some valuable life lessons I learnt from travel (I hope you can relate too!)

1. Enjoying your own company!

It is not always possible to find like-minded people who want the same things as we do. Travel, especially solo travel, teaches us just this, to chase our passion and have fun in our own company!

2.  It is okay to get lost.

Sometimes we don’t know where life is heading at, and feel quite lost and confused. I have been lost in the streets of Mount Abu, and quite honestly, it does fill us with despair. But what I learnt from that experience was if we just stick long enough, life does give us a sweet surprise. For my incessant wandering in Mount Abu was rewarded with this sight:

mount-abu-life lessons

3. Let go of your inhibitions, and wonderful things will come your way.

Adult life is often associated with an umpteen number of inhibitions-‘if I do this, what will people think of me?’. But in order to make the most out of your trip, it is imperative to loosen yourself up, perhaps interact with the locals there, and who knows, you might not only stumble upon secret gems but also make friends on the way!

4. Sometimes you have to go the extra mile for something you really want.

This is as true for travel as it is for life- to get something you long for, you need to put in that extra effort. And rest assured, in the end that effort always pays off!

5. Life can be so much more beautiful if we see each day as a new adventure.

I think the reason we all love to travel is that we get to see something, do something new each day. What if we apply the same principle to our everyday life- to do something exciting each day, to ‘Seize the day’! And life will no longer be about living one day at a time!

So if you are going through a rough patch, travel. Feeling happy? Travel. In each case, travel. Because it is the best experience you can ask for!

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-Written By Vinita Srinivasan

Featured Image by Pexels

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africa quiz zebra

What Is Your Africa IQ?

Category : Quiz

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Trippindian has truck loads of travel quizzes for you. One of them is the Africa Quiz. Find out how much you know about Africa.

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Super Tricky ODD ONE OUT Travel Quiz.

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Trippindian has truck loads of travel quizzes for you. One of them is this Super Tricky Odd One Out Travel Quiz. Give it a shot!!!

Trippindian’s favorite books for some instant travel inspiration.

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travel quiz

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TRAVEL QUIZ: Guess The Language.

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Trippindian has truck loads of travel quizzes for you. One of them is the language quiz: Guess The Language. Give it a shot!

Check out these amazing travel books.



language quiz



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