Dear Cinderella You Had It All Wrong. This Is What Should Have Happened.

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Dear Cinderella You Had It All Wrong. This Is What Should Have Happened.

Dear Cinderella you had it all wrong.

This is what should have happened.

So this all started when your stepmother literally choked your independence, hindered your growth and bolted you down with your dreams and aspirations.

You are beautiful. Even that dust and misery couldn’t take over your innocence I know you were a subtle light amidst the darkness that resided around you. Its strange how you accepted everything as if it was your fate.

The kid in me always empathized with you because sometimes staying in our comfort zone is the only choice we are left with. But what about today? When I am 19. When I am staying away from my family. The way I look at your story has totally changed.

That night when godmother handed over some colors to reprogram your fate, all you chose was to color your love life. That page had ‘not important’ as terms and conditions. You overlooked every other page that could make you a better individual, such as ‘freedom and wanderlust’.

Bolted and chained down since years, did you ever feel an urge to quench your thirst for wanderlust? Did you ever try to take that path down the forest and decide to never ever come back? Such escapes are those constant therapies that could make you crave yourself more than running to a ballroom dance for a guy who doesn’t even remember your face and has to literally identify you by the pair of glass slippers you wear.

There was a getaway who waited down upon you but all you chose was a validation from a prince over freedom.

Only if you would have chosen to take the pumpkin cart somewhere where you could find yourself first rather than settling for someone too soon, our way of perceiving those “happily ever after “ endings might have been way better.

Life is a bunch of getaways and escapes. And I hope you realize it soon that sometimes its amazing to be lost in a right direction rather than waiting for an eternity to be found for nothing good.

Regards, the one who still believes in you.

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-Written By Kanika Bhatia

Featured Image by Jill Wellington


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