Going Offbeat: Delhi To Coorg Under 10K

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Mandalpatti coorg

Going Offbeat: Delhi To Coorg Under 10K

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Just while I was sipping a cup of coffee, editing images and listening to Coldplay, my friend called asking me to choose between Banaras and Coorg for a weekend. My urge for letting the clouds brush across my skin took me to the Scotland of India.

I had planned to write an article on ‘Things to do in Coorg’ but I now intend to incorporate the break-up of my expenses too. For obvious reasons- Delhi to Coorg under 10K, are you kidding me!?

Flight: INR 4200

The best way to reach Coorg is to take a flight from Delhi to Bangalore and then travel by road from Bangalore to Coorg which is around 250 km away. The original fare for the flight was INR 5400 but thanks to MakeMyTrip we got a cashback of INR 1200 on AMEX Gold Card. I suggest you keep looking for such deals on MMT Offer Page.

Accommodation: INR 1500

We stayed in a beautiful homestay on a walking distance from coffee plantations called CopperVilla. Until we checked in our rooms, our soul purpose for booking this villa was the view it offered but eventually it gave us a lot more than just the view. The rooms were spacious and attractive with a huge washroom.

Land Transport: INR 2100

Before commencing the trip, we did a lot of research about the local transportation. Our friends who have been there told us that finding local transportation in Coorg is hard and people usually travel by car. Consequently, we booked a Toyota Etios for 3 days which picked us from Bangalore Airport. It charged us INR 9/km and INR 300 for the driver each day. We reached Bangalore, went to Coorg, visited most off-beat places there (which is quite far from the main attractions) and came back to Bangalore Airport covering 810 kms. This sums up to INR 8190 which was further divided between the four of us = INR 2100

Food & Miscellaneous: INR 1800

Food in Coorg is very cheap. Average price for a meal is INR 400 for four. Yes, it is THAT cheap and yummy too. Even if you go to a good restaurant, your bill will be max INR 1300. (everything is in context of four people)

The best thing about having your own car is that you can go as far as you can and explore all the unspoiled places. Voila, we ditched mainstream places like Abbey Falls and Raja’s Seat and made our way to these beautiful places.

Mallalli Falls

Mallali falls coorg

On our way to Coorg from Bangalore, we took a little detour to this splendid waterfalls which is around 60 kms before Madikeri (Coorg). It is highly recommended that you visit the falls in the morning/daylight as reaching there requires a short trek. Believe me, coming up is no piece of cake because the climb is too steep. But it is totally worth the efforts. Sink into the nature, enjoy the beauty, take a dip and have 2-3 hours well-spent.


Mandalpatti coorg

Situated 18 kms from Madikeri, this place cannot be avoided if you are a nature enthusiast. To go there you have to stop 3 kms before. Don’t even think of taking your own vehicle as the roads are bumpy and rough. You can hire a jeep for INR 1500 which will double the adventure. I’d suggest to visit Mandalpatti in the evening to enjoy the mesmerizing sunset with a spectacular view.

Entry is not allowed after 6pm, so make sure you plan accordingly.

Coffee Plantations

coffee plantations coorg

You can’t miss a coffee plantation tour in Coorg. This hill-station is home to one of the biggest manufacturers of coffee in India. Many estate owners provide a guided tour around their property to witness the verdant coffee fields. The tour includes the complete journey of coffee i.e. from a seed to packed powder. You can avoid to opt for a tour and choose to stay in a resort or a homestay situated in the middle of coffee plantations. Wake up early in the morning, walk down the hills, spend time with the coffee pickers and absorb the information yourself.


homestay coorg

To explore the natural charm of Coorg, homestays are best for a delightful vacation. Escape the hectic city life and experience the essence of Coorgi lifestyle and culture. Taste the traditional cuisine have a unique dose of local culture.

Chelavara Falls

chelavara falls coorg

Around 45 kms away from Madikeri lies the magnificent Chelavara falls. At the time we went, just 2 kms before, the road was under construction. So, we had to trek it down but thank god we did, because that walk was so damn beautiful! I am sure the roads will be open by now and you will only be left with 200-300 mtrs trek on a dense forest trail. There are two points to visit: One is above the waterfall which has a stream of water where you can spend time chilling with friends. Other one is the place beneath from where you can actually see the falling water.

chelavara coorg

Beautiful path leading to the falls.

As we were not aware of this, we kept walking in the same direction landing above the falls to this beautiful stream.

In Coorg, beauty of nature is not only enjoyed, but is worshipped as a way of life. This perfectly sums up my 3 days of ‘exploring the unexplored India’ in Coorg.

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10 Offbeat Things One Must Try In Goa

Go Goa, Gone? If ‘NO’ then Go Now!! Because it’s a peak season out there and is the best time to visit this Portuguese paradise. Having Calm and composed beaches, along with beautiful weather, Goa is next to Heaven on earth. Whether you are going on a bachelor trip or on a honeymoon, this place has a lot to offer you. Sun bath at Beaches, Late Night Parties, Beer, or Water Sports, Goa is a complete starter pack for a perfect holiday getaway. But these are not the only things, its February out here, with wet beaches and a peak season, it’s a nice time to get a prison break from hectic schedules and rest of the country. So, don’t just wait take a sneak peek at the things you don’t want to miss doing in Goa!! Here’s a list of 10 must do things that you one should do when in Goa:

Sunbathing to Cloud at the beautiful beaches

Away from your monotonous life, Goa is the pit stop all of us have on the bucket list. While beaches of North Goa steal the show, those in the South Goa are found to be less crowded and more calm.

Exploring Old

Image source

Needless to say, but if you are in Goa you may feel history coming alive. Also, known as the “Rome of the East”, Goa has some of the oldest churches of India. While hanging out in Goa, you may find Churches, Museums, Convents, Art Galleries together in a row making it difficult to decide what not to see. So, explore the Golden Charm and appreciate their beautiful architecture.

You just can’t miss the uncommon Ingo’s Night market

Image source

Setup by a German named Ingo, this market at Arpora sets ablaze every Saturday night, offers some items which are best purchased from Goa. From colorful junk jewellery to imported textiles, this market offers a fun night experience.

Go on for a Cruise Night over Mandovi River

Image source

Experience the true charm of stunning sights of sunsets over Mandovi River. Enjoy the live music and dance performance throughout the duration on exotic river cruise.

Explore Goa on a rented Bike

goa on a bike or scooty
Image source

The best way to see the beauty of this place is to rent a bike and ride non-stop wherever you want to go, all day on any route and spot. Ride away to grandeur, because even if you go wrong, you will end up at a picturesque place clicking photographs. Embark on this amazing adventure that gives you with some best scenic landscapes.

Dolphin Cruise Ride

Image source

Ever seen Dolphins in animation movies or Animal Planet? Well, these cute sea creatures are a way better sight in reality than on a television. Dolphin ride is one of the offbeat things one must go for in Goa. You can go on a Cruise to spot these magical creatures to take a glimpse of Dolphins peeping out of water in a graceful motion.

Go Blithe

Image source

Get tattooed!! Choose any from temporary, henna or permanent. Try hair-braiding, funky outfits, bikinis and unleash your wild carefree side. Time to experiment with oneself.

Try out Your Luck at a Casino

Image source

Wanna be James Bond from Casino Royal? Well Goa is one of the few states in India where gambling is legal. The countless casinos here offer a perfect must do thing for those who like to have some fun with music and alcohol. Besides the fact that one can gamble conveniently, its on-season right there and the parties are willing to spend glamorously.

Party All Night!!

No Aunt to ask you Slow down music, no cops, no 10 P.M. restrictions, no cops screaming post overnight. It’s Goa, and parties here start in midnights and go till the rays of sun fall on the wet beaches. Go wild, open up, get rid of your shyness and simply indulge yourself into the aura of this place.

Try out the elegance of Goan Cuisines

Image source

Goa offers some of the legendary cuisines in a finger licking blend, such as King Crabs, Prawns, Garlic Chicken etc. Whether you are into sea-food, cakes, or just food, Goa has delicacies no other place can offer to you.

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