6 Reasons Why Kasauli Continues To Be A Pristine World In Itself

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Kasauli India

6 Reasons Why Kasauli Continues To Be A Pristine World In Itself

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Kasauli, located at an average elevation of 1800 mts, is a cantonment town and a popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh. First discovered by the British, this town is much known for its colonial architecture and captivates the site of every traveler.

Here are 6 reasons why you need to visit Kasauli right away.

1. The lush green mountains and a picturesque scenery.

The first time I headed to Kasauli, I was simply dazed by the beautiful mountains that encompasses the town. Especially during rains this town truly seems like a heavenly painting, with all the shades of greenery spread throughout and that sky masked with beautiful hues of blues, red and yellow during sunsets.

Talking of the sunsets, which takes us to our next perfect reason to plan a Kasauli getaway.

2. Sunset Point, which when seen can’t be unseen for eternity to follow.

How we all want to enjoy those fading sunrays, horizons. How we all want to absorb the warmth of the sun while its  dipping into that horizon. Nothing can be more perfect to witness the changing colors of sunshine while the sunset takes place. If you crave the same, this place is no less than a heaven for sure. Purely Pine laid with a serene vibe, you’ll surely carry memories home to cherish forever.

3. Tibetan Food

This is purely a savior for all our travelers who want to quench their thirst for a foodie hidden deep inside them. Tibetan cuisine such as yummilicious momos, thupka can be easily cherished in the lower mall road area.

Last time I went there, I couldn’t get my hands off  “band samosa” which is sort of a burger stuffed with samosa.

4. Vintage and Retro Hangout Spots

With such an appealing location, the bars and cafes provide a totally boho vibe which totally compliments the lofty hills, foggy forests and thick pines all around.

5. One hell of a nature walk!

With no adulterated atmosphere, gilbert trail is a getaway to your kind of interaction with mountains. It’s amazing how sometimes those chilly breezes are splendid enough to warm your cold routine.  If you enjoy long walks then this should be next on your bucket list.

6. Heritage Toy Train

You can add more fun to your vacation with a unique and mesmerizing toy trains. From kasauli travel up to dharampur (10 km) and you can board the train then to Barog and return. Witnessing those piny trees, hill tunnels will surely turn out to be a dream come true.

The toy train recognized by UNESCO is a world heritage and can prove to be a cherry on the cake to your vacation!

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Kanika Bhatia, is a Himachal Pradesh based content writer. Pursuing her bachelor of sciences from Gargi college (Delhi university), she is trying her best to make poetry out of those science lessons.

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TRIUND, Where My Soul Sojourned.

 Melt me down with you, for I’ll form something new. 


Pull up your soul, listen to the stories these mountains whisper as the winds pass you by. It is deeper than the words anyone can ever tell you. You’ll have to breathe and take in their emotions, their soul and their silence to really understand. So breathe, take it all in.


Triund, to be honest, was my chance to escape. To run away from a society feeding on my insecurities. My chance to annihilate myself of invariability. I wanted to get lost, in order to find myself. And so I did.

The night journey, from Chandigarh, serves best if you only have a weekend to spare. The sun was shining nice n’ bright when the morning came. Little did I know, I was about to become a rainy day mess. Just picturing myself climbing like a little girl hopping around the rocks made my heart pound. This was it. My first ever trek. We were told, March was the perfect span to truly enthrall the essence of Triund. Less tourists. Placid semblance. After all, less is more?! (Ugh, cliché.)

Had breakfast, packed fruits for the way and off we went. The pathway is scribbled clearly along the circumference of the hills. There’s no way one can get disoriented. All the little cafés along the way are set up astutely to help you catch your breath and also, savor the surrounding. I took way too many “oh, wait! I’ve got to click this one.” breaks. (Sorry, not sorry.) And just then, it started raining. As if my personal downpour wasn’t enough. I then, took a deep breath, gave myself a pep talk and decided to act oblivious to my aching limbs and my shivering bones.

Everyone we met along the way, had huge smiles on their faces. Everyone coming back from Triund, kept reassuring us with their incessant talks about how beautiful it was up there. I couldn’t wait.


We reached. Clouds surrounding us, the mist filled the air with mysteriousness. And just when I came in terms with the fact that this was it, the clouds cleared, slowly. Inch by inch, unfurling away.
Breathless, I stood up, gawking at the Dhauladars. I didn’t move, or speak. Stood there feeling lucky to have been there at that moment. I still haven’t come to completely describe the feeling. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. Just so magnificent. They stood there sovereignly, with a clouded halo on top. An image I can never forget.

When we finally gathered ourselves together, we decided to stay at the Moon Light Café. Since the locals predicted a stormy night ahead, camping was out of the frame. After the treacherous climb of 4 long hours, we laid back and had something to eat.

With hardly 15 people there, I had a sedated state of mind. No connectivity. Nothing but me, my thoughts, the people I love and the majestic landscape spreading across as far as I could see. It was almost dark, we waited for the sky to clear. It took a while, but around 3 am the sky was sparkling and it was the perfect scene. Sadly, it wasn’t long before the clouds rolled back in. So, we decided to finally rest our heads.

Slept, aware that the mice were having a gala time chipping off the Choco pies we had carried with us. We were too content to disturb them.


Next morning, we woke up and grabbed some breakfast and headed back to Mcleodganj. Carefree, we hopped back down. The way back was effortless and fun!
Reflecting upon the trip, who would’ve thought that a climb, to reach atop a mountain would bring me so much closer to knowing what I couldn’t learn in 20 years. So many years of education but nothing surpasses what I’ve learnt through my interactions with nature.

To be whole. To be complete. Wildness reminds you what it’s like to be human, what you are connected to rather than what you are separated from. When you see beauty in its raw and untouched form, you’re bound to fall in love; a love so deep, so pure, so surreal!
Climbing up so high, yet feeling so small. These mountains aren’t for us to conquer. This world isn’t ours to waste away. Even so, we treat the planet as if we have another one to go to.

Wander often. Wander always.


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-Written by Manjyot Naggi



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