Rann Of Kutch: A Walk Towards The Infinity

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rann of kutch

Rann Of Kutch: A Walk Towards The Infinity

It was the year of 2015, Durga Puja was round the corner, and just like every year, my family decided to take a trip to an unknown land during the holiday. Those days, Amitabh Bachchan’s promising Gujarat tourism ad “Aapne Rann nahi dekha, to kuch nahi dekha” could be spotted on every television screen; and that’s when we unanimously decided on our destination – Gujarat and the Great Rann of Kutch.

This trip was really special for two reasons – I had wanted to visit Rann of Kutch even before Big B started promoting it. And, it was the first time that all our cousins were also accompanying us.

The trip started with us landing at Ahmedabad. We checked in to our hotel, freshened up and embarked on our journey. After spending a day at Ahmedabad – shopping, eating and exploring the city – we left for Bhuj where we visited the earthquake affected areas and did some more sightseeing. From Bhuj, we went to Mandvi beach, a pristine beach along the Gulf of Kutch sea coast. We also stopped by a few villages on our way to Mandvi – each village is home to a craft that has been around for generations and usually it’s just a handful of families that are keeping it alive. From weaving to block prints to bandini, from pottery to jewellery, every village has its own specialization. And finally, on the fifth day of our journey, we reached the White desert, our last destination before heading back home.

rann of kutch

By far, the best moment during my visit to Gujarat was spending that one day at the White Desert. The experience can summed up in just one word – mesmerizing! We were told that the Rann changes mood with the changing hour of the day because the white desert reflects the mood of the sky. We sure couldn’t see all colors of the Rann, but what we did see was a view that has been entrenched in our minds forever. We reached at 3 pm when the sun was shining bright, gleaming on the water and making the white sand glow. It was a view to behold.

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Cars are only allowed till the checkpoint, you have to walk beyond that. Getting down from the car, I stared at the Rann – white sand could be spotted till the eyes could see, meeting the sky at horizon. Leaving the group behind, I started walking on the sand, taking in the fresh air and clicking pictures along the way. It seemed like a never-ending path with water on both side, giving the perfect picturesque view.

Photograph by Paul Brennan

The more I walked inside, the whiter the land kept getting and the better the view kept getting. I had walked quite a distance when the sun started setting in. I decided to sit at the edge of the land and enjoy the serenity of the place. Staring at the horizon and watching the sun set at eye level, I knew it was an experience of a lifetime. There was something in the air, difficult to express in words, which captivates me back to the same place. Indeed, walking on those crystals of salt that stretches endlessly for miles (10,000 sq metres) and watching the sun rise and set is magical.

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rann of kutch

I’m Nehal, a 21 year old graduate from Delhi University. Born and brought up in Guwahati, Assam, I’ve always followed my dreams – be it regarding career or passion.



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