Pack Your Bags, Get On-Board, Atlantic City Is Calling

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Pack Your Bags, Get On-Board, Atlantic City Is Calling

When I saw Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Joey and Monica were too excited to visit The Atlantic City, I couldn’t stop myself. What was so relieving about that place and with this thought I plundered into the geography of the amusement city and now I understand WHY?

It’s not just a city but a fully fledged entertainment ground where boredom won’t steal your thunder. Let’s see places which make the city an eye-catcher.

The Boardwalk

boardwalk atlantic city

It’s a guide to your soul and at the same time rise awake the shopper, gamer and foodie in you As they call it the backbone of the seaside resort city, it has something for everyone in store. Like for children they have thrilling rides, for shopaholics a good number of high-end brands and boutiques, for party animals the nightlife is much awaited. Casinos, bars, dance clubs all get together to give us a great time at the Boardwalk.

A different adventure awaits the Absecon Lighthouse

absecon lighthouse

228 steps to unfold a breathtaking view of New Jersey while you are acquainted with the rich history of the Lighthouse. Third tallest in the U.S., the 171-foot lighthouse shone with a kerosene flame through a French-made first-order Fresnel lens, though the kerosene light was eventually replaced with an electric one. But what makes it extraordinary since ages is the enthusiastic volunteers. They will make your climb worthwhile.

Central Pier Arcade

atlantic city arcade

One of the largest Piers of the four at the Boardwalk, it is recommended for the fun gamer in you. This place is a huge  attraction for kids and adults as well. Well who doesn’t like to go home a winner. Play games, win exciting prizes, ride go-karts, shoot paintball, there is so much to do in so less time.

So alert, if you are planning to go here schedule a whole day because when you get there you will know why? Jam-packed with video-games, poker, coin-pushing, it’s a must visit for family and friends.

Well, we have listed the favorite places that should be on your list, definitely. Because these make the Atlantic City a real fun venture.

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