Film-Induced Tourism Is The Next Game Changer of The Industry

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film induced tourism

Film-Induced Tourism Is The Next Game Changer of The Industry

All of us get mesmerized by the beautiful locations used in our favorite movies and TV shows, and everyone would like to jump right into the screen to experience the world that is right there in front of their eyes. This desire deeply affects our travel decision-making and is called film-induced tourism. When you are so fascinated by a movie that you would like to visit the place it is filmed at then you are also part of this cultural phenomenon.

This works on so many levels, first of all it provides the visitor with a story and a context even before visiting the place which gives a sense of familiarity to the tourists. It is also great for both the tourism industries and the film industries as they profit from the contributions of each other. Several incidents can be found throughout the globe where a movie increased the tourism revenue of certain locations. Taking the example of impact of the ‘Lord of The Rings Trilogy’ on the tourism industry of New Zealand one can easily find statistics showing manifold increase in tourists visiting New Zealand after the release of these movies, and Government of New Zealand also recognizes this fact so much so that they promote their homeland calling it the ‘Home of the Middle-Earth’.

Film-Induced Tourism

The location where the sequence of ‘Walk of Shame’ was shot. Image Source: 

For this phenomenon to work the story of the movie and the location it is shot in should be closely associated providing the audience with the glimpses of the culture, heritage and people of that land. This kind of marketing also solves the problem of seasonality that tourist destinations often face, projecting the destination as an all season visiting location. As movies that become popular stay in the mainstream culture for decades, they serve as a long-term marketing strategy for the places they are shot in. TV shows are more effective in this as they work as a constant reminder of the beauty of the location for the viewer and consequently become the’ off-the top of their head visiting location’. Rise in the number of visitors to Croatia, Iceland and Malta has been seen after they featured as the backdrop of Game of Thrones’ fictional world.

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Countries like USA, UK, South Korea and New Zealand have successfully implemented this tourism model providing the tourists with movie-maps for film walks and tours and also by promoting their country in terms of movies while other countries are far behind because of lack of research or simply unawareness. The countries which are trying to implement it are either too slow in exploring the potential of this model or don’t know how to implement it. This kind of tourism is the most booming one right now and once implemented successfully creates a gain-gain scenario for everyone.

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film-induced tourism

-Written By Vinay Khulbe


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