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Things to do in Gokarna

Kick-Ass Things To Do In Gokarna In 3 Days

Gokarna, which started emerging as a tourist destination a decade ago, is on the bucket list of every traveler. Well, it deserves to be! One thing I can certainly assure of Gokarna is that it’s not a place where you go for 2 or 3 days to cover all major attractions. You need to at least spend a week to soak the tranquility of Gokarna.

Gokarna is not a place, it’s a vibe! 

However, for some of us, time doesn’t allow us to travel for more than a weekend. So, this itinerary is for people like you who wish to make the most out of Gokarna in 3 days.

A little disclaimer – The day I arrived was Maha Shivaratri and upon reaching there we found out that Shivaratri is celebrated with such great enthusiasm in Gokarna. As a result, I spent half of my day being a part of the procession. I was skeptical to even write an article on this since not everyone will travel during this time. But because I have a lot other things which I can help people with, I will go for it. And, like always I can give you alternate ideas of exploration. 😀


Upon reaching Gokarna, I realized this coastal town is all about Lord Shiva and unspoiled beaches. Gokarna is in fact a temple town with a religious significance. Hence, Maha Shivaratri – festival in the honour of Lord Shiva – is celebrated with such eagerness and love.

The procession started at 12:30 in Gokarna city. Shivaratri is celebrated for many days, and it’s a peak time in Gokarna. However, I reached on the day of the parade which took place after 4-5 days of Maha Shivaratri.

A beautiful chariot is built by the locals and is stood in the middle of the city.

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The chariot.

Avoid the parade if you’re not a fan of pushy crowd. I’m not that patient myself, but everything appeared to be so bright and colorful, I decided to stay for few hours.

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The Brahmans sit inside the chariot, and the locals throw bananas at them through the window. That’s what we did too! If the bananas make their way through the window (which is hard btw), the Brahmans throw it back at the public.


Throwing bananas at Brahmans inside the chariot.


Brahmans throwing the bananas back.

I have another great option for the ones not traveling during this time. Head to the famous Mahabaleshwara Temple – the most essential part of Gokarna. Facing the Arabian Sea, this temple is built in classical Dravadian architecture.

Why is it so famous? It is said that the great evil king of Lanka, Ravana (from the epic – Ramayana) carried the Shiva Ling from Mount Kailash in the Himalayas and placed it here, at Mahabaleshwara Temple, Gokarna.

That is the major reason why tourists or devotees started coming to Gokarna in the first place, and with time it became a not-so-popular tourist destination.

I was staying at Namaste Yoga Farm, which is famous for its yoga and breakfast, and its peaceful environment. If you are in Gokarna, you must try yoga. You can take up a yoga course, do it in groups at various resorts or alone at a beach.

yoga - things to do in gokarna


I am not someone who could think of doing yoga as I could never imagine myself to keep shut for an hour and focus on one thing. Quite unlike my personality. 😛 But the #GokarnaVibes made me try it. I did yoga for the first time, and it was the first time in my life I met my solitude.

yoga - things to do in gokarna

That’s just a pose. I could barely stand on one leg for more than 2 seconds.

The next stop was Kudle beach which is 5 minutes walking from Namaste Yoga Farm. Gokarna is a small town. Nothing is far off. We sat at Little Paradise Inn, a shack at Kudle beach, at around 5 pm and left at 8. One, because the service was too slow, but the food was delicious af. Two, we could not have missed such stunning sunset. It was by far the best sunset I’ve ever seen. I could literally see sun falling down the horizon. The colors of the sky were beyond words!!!

sunset at kudle beach - gokarna

The sky was insanely beautiful.

sunset at kudle beach gokarna

The colors were changing with the blink of an eye.


Start the day with rejuvenating your soul. Get out of your selfish head, and say hello to the present.

We had our breakfast, took shower and left our accommodation to enjoy a peaceful day at the beach.

Gokarna is situated between the hills and Western Ghats on one side and the beaches i.e. the Arabian Sea on the other. In order to reach the beaches, you literally have to trek through the hills.

The trek starts from Kudle beach – a nice, clean, not so crowded beach. It has pleasant views of the ocean, and has the perfect waves for swimming. There are a lot of shacks here for munchies or beer.

kudle beach - gokarna

Kudle beach.

Trek up the hill from Kudle beach to Om beach – one of the most popular beaches in Gokarna. This beach has comparatively less food options than Kudle. Yet, it is quite famous amongst the tourists as well as the locals.

om beach - things to do in gokarna

Walking it out.

Upon hearing so much about Namaste Café at Om beach, we stopped there to have lunch. The food is okayish, but the view is great! After eating, we took a ferry/boat to Half Moon beach. You can trek from Om beach to Half Moon beach, but we wanted to experience the boat ride as well. The best part about the boat ride is that you can spot dolphins on the way. They are quite far, but you can definitely spot them. The boats run at INR 250-300 per person.

namaste cafe gokarna


View from Namaste Cafe Gokarna

View from Namaste Cafe, Om Beach.

Half Moon beach has only two shacks, so don’t go there with a purpose of eating or drinking. It is quite small, more like a lagoon! My personal favorite in Gokarna. It’s average for a swim because of the rippling waves. I found it best for a sunbath. If you are looking for a hidden spot in Gokarna, Half Moon is the place to go!

half moon beach gokarna

Half Moon Beach, Gokarna.

I spent around 3-4 hours here, and for that reason, we couldn’t make it to the next beach, the Paradise beach, which is said to have no cafes at all. It is the most secluded beaches of all. You can trek up or take a boat. The boats run until maximum 6:30 pm, so make sure you plan your way back beforehand. You can find boats at every beach, and if in case you don’t, not to worry, there is always a way back through the trails.

sunset in gokarna

Beautiful sunset on our way back.

After chilling for hours at Half Moon, we took a boat till Kudle, and had dinner at Le Pizzeria. The pizza here is delightful. 😀



Again, this was my first time getting a massage, and that Russian lady broke my tailbone into pieces. Not literally but it felt like. I’d advise you to ask people around or check the internet for good massages in Gokarna else you will be in pain for days. However, a massage is a must. Not giving much thought to the pain, it was kind of soothing. Kind of!

relax - massage - things to do in gokarna

I kept laughing because it was paining SO much! I’m a weird kid!!!!

It was our last day here and all we wanted to do is chill. So, we went to Little Paradise at Kudle again and sat there for good 6-7 hours. Haha! Now that I am typing it, I actually feel that’s a lot of time spent at a shack. 😛 What you can do is, explore Paradise beach or Nirvana beach. Sit there, relax, and do nothing. For once, just be, not do!


1. There are only 3 ATMs in Gokarna and it’s rare that all three work. Sometimes not even one works. Most of the hotels, resorts and beach shacks do not accept cards. They only accept cash or charge 2-5% if you pay by card. Make sure you carry cash with you.

2. The only mode of transportation is auto or hiring a scooty/bike.

3. Alcohol is banned in Gokarna. However, beer is served at few shacks at the beach but they charge double the price.

4. If you are looking for parties and nightlife, don’t go to Gokarna. Gokarna is just like South Goa – people go there to enjoy its beauty and peacefulness.


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Note: This post uses affiliate links. If you click an affiliate link and purchase that product or service, I will be paid a small commission, however your cost will be the same. It is just to keep this blog running. 

21-year-old girl, who one day realized how travelling to far off places and going on adventures could change perspective about life. That was the day when Trippindian was founded and she started finding her hobby, passion and profession in it.

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Monkey Temple - Galta

2-Day Jaipur Trip – Things To Do, Where To Stay, What To Eat

A profusion of ancient history with an influence of modern life is what I call the pink city, Jaipur. It’s sometimes sad to see how the influx of tourist and the western influence is turning this historical capital into a metropolis. Ironically, it turns out that even I’m so inclined towards this ‘cafĂ© culture’ that I plan my itinerary in a way that includes all the pre-historic gems and the fancy places.

I’ve been to Jaipur quite a few times and know this city well enough to chalk down a detailed two-day itinerary incorporating everything – places to see in Jaipur, what to eat in Jaipur, how to commute in Jaipur, every minute details like where and at what time could you enjoy the sunset or go clubbing in Jaipur. 😀

Here’s how you can make the most of your Jaipur trip in two days.


BREAKFAST: Start your day with a cup of tea and vada pav at Tapri. Tapri serves varieties of chai and exceptionally delicious food with a gorgeous ambience and a stunning rooftop. Next thing, take a cab and leave for Galta Ji (or as most of the tourists call, Monkey Temple). Both Ola and Uber work in Jaipur!

best cafes in jaipur

GALTA JI: Famous for its natural water springs and countless monkeys, Galta Ji Temple is one of its kind. This pilgrimage site is a souvenir of the former age offering awe-inspiring views of the surroundings. The site is abode to temples, natural springs and thousands of monkeys. I was so intrigued after watching an episode of Monkey Thieves on National Geographic that I just couldn’t skip it despite of being monkey-phobic. 😛 Thanks to the guide at site for making it easy. Galta Ji has surely not lost its religious and rustic charm amidst the bustling city life.

2 day jaipur trip - galta ji

Galta Ji Temple

2 day jaipur trip - galta ji

View from Monkey Temple

2 day jaipur trip - monkey temple

Monkey Temple

monkey temple jaipur

Feeding the monkey

JAL MAHAL: Head to the three famous forts – Jaigarh, Nahargarh and Amer Fort. These forts are at a far end of Jaipur and the cab might cost you around INR 400. But you obviously can’t miss out because heylo, going to Jaipur and missing the forts, are you crazy!? Stop en route at Jal Mahal and click like paparazzi!!! There’s not much to do or see here. Stroll alongside Man Sagar Lake if you wish to kill time but I’d suggest to MAKE A MOVE because history awaits you up the hill.

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Apparently, a lot of people are confused, even I was, which fort to visit first? And let me tell you, every fort is a must-visit!

First, take a tour of the remarkable Amer Fort. I personally loved the architecture!

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Second, get out of Amer and have a meal at the Stag CafĂ© because by now you’d be starving. This cafĂ© located right across the road, opposite to Amer Fort, offers the best views in the city. They serve delicious food and amazing hookah with a view that will leave you smitten.

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Third, grab an auto for Jaigarh Fort – not as fancy and royal as Amer as it’s a defensive fort. However, it features the largest cannon on wheels named Jaivana. Don’t keep your expectations high though!

Fourth, sunset at Nahargarh Fort. If you follow this itinerary, you reach Nahargarh Fort by sunset having covered all the forts and with a full stomach. Except if you are like me, hungry all the time!

Tbh, I am fond of Nahargarh Fort because of the scenic views it provides and the most spectacular sunset and, not because of its architecture or history. I recommend you to go there to watch the sun go down the horizon and for the beautiful bird’s eye view of the entire Jaipur city.

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DINNER: Jaipur, like any other city, has a lot of food options be it Rajasthani, Italian or Chinese. You name it, you have it! The city is filled with unique and quirky cafes. My most favorite from the list is Bar Palladio Jaipur! It is classy and royal with décor no other place in Jaipur has. Expensive but totally deserves a visit!

If you are not so fond of cafĂ©s and want to have an authentic Rajasthani dish, then go to Raawat Restaurant and order Dal Bati Churma or Pyaaz Kachori. The ambience of this restaurant is quite warm and the people are so friendly and welcoming. We were so confused as to what to order that the waiter happily gave us a brief of everything on the menu. 😛 For five people, we ordered around 4 dishes including sweets, our bill was just INR 1100. It turned out to be so pocket-friendly.

best cafes in jaipur - palladio

Dinner at Bar Palladio Jaipur


BREAKFAST: Start the day with eggs and pancakes at On The House in C-Scheme. It has both indoor and outdoor sitting with a European touch.

OLD JAIPUR: By now you must be very curious to know why Jaipur is called the Pink City? Why not go and find out yourself?

As far as I understood, the buildings and gates in Old Jaipur are painted pink in color. Hence, it is called the Pink City. I am vaguely aware of the history of the color pink. Comment below and correct me if I’m wrong.

Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh wanted to impress the Royal Family and establish ties with them. So, when Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, claimed that he would visit India, the Maharaja painted the city pink as it historically represented welcome and hospitality.

Maharaja’s wife loved the color scheme so much that she asked Sawai Ram Singh to enforce a law which considers any building which is not pink illegal.

HAWA MAHAL/PALACE OF WINDS: Women in old days could not appear in public or in front of strangers. And, to bestow a sense of freedom on them, Hawa Mahal was built with more than 900 windows so they could see day-to-day events and royals processions in the streets. God bless us, Women!

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Hawa Mahal is quite easy to find. You’re walking down the street wondering how cool these shops are and there it is, amidst chaotic and busy roads. At first, I was totally unaware while shopping that it’s right behind me. 😛

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CITY PALACE: Walk on the same side of the road (on Hawa Mahal’s side) and take a left for City Palace. The back of Hawa Mahal is the royal City Palace. It is a historical complex with Mughal and Rajasthani architecture which is still an abode to the royal family. Although they live in a private section. Entry to public is prohibited.

Jaipur trip - major attractions - city palace

The architecture is great specially if you’re a photographer, you will spend hours here.

The Mahal inside the palace displays the royal costumes. Basically, clothes that Maharajas used to wear in those days. Few paintings and the weapons that were used back in time are also on display.

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You can combine a visit to Jantar Mantar too as it is nearby. I didn’t go though! No reason in particular. I just didn’t feel like.

SHOPPING: Outside City Palace are numerous lively shops where you can buy what not – from precious stones, antique lights, Rajasthani embroidered umbrellas to perfumes, and Rajasthani footwear. Johari Bazaar and Bapu Bazaar are two markets in Old Jaipur which you should check out! Ask people for directions or use google maps. It’s all walking walking!!

LUNCH: This place is not so showy or extravagant. Quite decent and basic with limited food options. Situated opposite to the Hawa Mahal is the Wind View CafĂ© which honestly doesn’t have great food as its all packaged food but oh god, its view – magnificent! If possible stay there till sunset because.. just see the picture below.

best cafes in jaipur

Ok. I know I didn’t tell the best option for food. So, spend as much time as you want here, click photos, order watermelon juice or a dessert, or if you wish just walk upstairs, get a picture clicked and come back.

Head to the other end of Hawa Mahal. Remember – one side is the City Palace, on the left of Hawa Mahal, the other side is where I am going to take you now i.e. on the right of Hawa Mahal. (Johari and Bapu Bazaar are on the right) Or let’s chuck all the complications and use google maps. 😛

Go to Laxmi Mishtan Bhandar, sounds shady but its quite famous with a decent ambience. It serves a good deal of cuisines, but I’d say it is the second best place to have Kachoris and Dal Bati Churma in Jaipur. So, now you know what to order as well.

Now is the time when you return to your accommodation and chill for a while! I have mentioned below where to stay in Jaipur according to the area and budget.

If you have followed this itinerary, you’ve covered all major attractions, you’ve had the most delicious food along with superb view, you’ve caught the most stunning sunset, and you’ve grabbed all the souvenirs.

The last meal of the day is still left and this time it’s all your choice. I have written about a bunch of places which I felt are worth a visit during my Jaipur trip. All the places are tried, tested and then reviewed.

PICK A PLACE: 10 Fancy Cafes In Jaipur One Should Not Miss

If you’re a party freak like me, you must go clubbing at Blackout or House Of People. Whenever I thought of Jaipur, I always thought of girls in lehenga, guys in dhoti but surprisingly, people of Jaipur know how to party!



October – March

This is the perfect weather to explore the Pink City as summers in Jaipur are unbearable! Hence, tourists prefer to visit Jaipur in the winter season.


Travelling by Auto in Jaipur can burn a hole in your pocket. Auto Wallas in Jaipur will never go by meter and will demand for any amount. Specially if you’re a foreigner or an outstation, they will try their best to extract maximum from you. So, the best thing is to install Ola/Uber App and travel in AC spending less than you would spend in an auto. If you’re staying in Old Jaipur, you could also take battery riskhaws for travelling short distances. Although I’d never suggest you to stay in Old Jaipur. Umm, why? Read more.


The reason why I suggest you to not stay in Old Jaipur is because it’s chaotic, you would be stuck in traffic half of the time. Also, most of the attractions like the three famous forts – Amer, Nahargarh and Jaigarh, Jal Mahal, Galta Ji – Monkey Temple are far off the city.

C-Scheme is my personal favorite area to stay as it is quite posh and accessible. Railway Station, bus terminal, the very famous M.I. Road, major places to eat, attractions, clubs, are within easy reach.

Jaipur has a lot of options – from budget friendly hostels to luxury hotels. I’ve stayed in two hostels – Zostel and Roadhouse, and Hotel Holiday Inn. These are some affordable options.

If you’re filthy rich and can afford INR 55,000 tariff a day, stay at Taj Rambagh Palace or The Oberoi Rajvilas. The day I have enough money is the day you’ll see me chilling at those properties. 😛 😀

Also, I am planning to open a hostel in Jaipur in 2018. Hopefully, if that happens, I’ll see you there!



1. Breakfast at Tapri

2. Galta Ji

3. Jal Mahal

4. Amer Fort

5. Lunch At Stag Café

6. Jaigarh Fort

7. Nahargarh Fort

8. Dinner at Palladio/Rawat



1. Breakfast at On The House

2. Hawa Mahal – Palace Of Winds

3. City Palace

4. Jantar Mantar

5. Lunch at Wind View Café or Laxmi Mishan Bhandar

6. Shopping in Bapu Bazar/Johri Bazar

7. Chill at your accommodation

8. Dinner at restaurant of your choice from the list 

Over and out.

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Jaipur Trip

Note: This post uses affiliate links. If you click an affiliate link and purchase that product or service, I will be paid a small commission, however your cost will be the same. It is just to keep this blog running. 

21-year-old girl, who one day realized how travelling to far off places and going on adventures could change perspective about life. That was the day when Trippindian was founded and she started finding her hobby, passion and profession in it.

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best cafes in jaipur

10 Fancy Cafes In Jaipur You Should Not Miss

I am not much of a food lover but I am undoubtedly fond of eating at fancy cafes. No matter which city travel takes me, I’m always in search of quirky and unusual cafes that satiate not only my taste buds but my eternal love for exclusive dĂ©cor. If you too consider yourself a flashpacker and have plans to visit Jaipur anytime soon, check out this list of my favorite cafes in Jaipur. Also, I am grateful to have a friend of mine who is a local in Jaipur. He took me out on such wonderful dates and hence, this list.

BAR PALLADIO JAIPUR – the one with the essence of luxury

best cafes in jaipur - palladio

This place beams of blue and white hues with a tinge of yellow. This palatial café makes for a great romantic dinner with both indoor and outdoor sitting. Be it a romantic date, spending time with family or peaceful chit chat with friends over a glass of wine, the elegant décor and the soothing vibes are sure to make you fall in love with this place.

THE STAG CAFE – the one surrounded by history

A post shared by trippindian (@trippindian) on

I didn’t know such shady entrance would lead to such adorable cafĂ©. It is located opposite to the massive Amer Fort so it’s not hard to find. The menu is quite basic and the fact that there’s no chicken and alcohol served wasn’t a big deal because this cafĂ© is all about the phenomenal view and amazing hookah. Sheesha, Iced-Tea and White Sauce Pasta was a good treat after a tiring tour of the fort.

JAIPUR ADDA – the one with 90s melodies

rooftop cafes in jaipur - adda

Open till 2 AM this place is like treasure to me because of its music collection. This rooftop bar has casual and vibrant dĂ©cor which makes it an ideal place to hang out with friends. I’d suggest you to go there for good food, thandi beer, superb ambiance and old Bollywood songs. 😀

ON THE HOUSE – the one with a European touch

best cafes in jaipur

With both indoor and outdoor sitting, this cafĂ© has a vintage feel. I tend to associate vintage with European I don’t know why? But like really, should I? Of course not. It’s a joke!! Not that funny tho. But anyway! It has blue colored old-style wooden tables and chairs. I call that European? Well, partially. It is divided into three areas – two of them on the outside will give you pleasant vibes. The one on the inside has a typical restaurant feel and personally I didn’t like it much because of its conventional setting. Coming on the secondary part i.e. food ( 😀 ) check out their menu. It is by far the best menu I’ve seen in Jaipur.

TAPRI – the one for the chai lovers

best cafes in jaipur

Could there be any place better than Tapri to have chai? Yaaas, hills. But cafĂ©? I doubt! There are three Tapris in Jaipur but I’ve only been to two. Extra points for Tapri Central in C-Scheme for a lovely appearance and its rooftop. Menu remains the same at all the places. Expect waiting time for at least 15-20 mins but I (wish I could guarantee :P) am sure this place will not disappoint. Much recommended for chai lovers and do not forget to have corn shots. (incase you’re a cheese lover!!)

NIBS – the one where it rains chocolate

best cafes in jaipur

The interior is so unique, so creative and so noteworthy. The funky scooters, wall paintings, the giant bird cage, and the overall dĂ©cor is quite fun to look at. Why should you not miss this? They serve some heavenly desserts in town!!! Needless to say my blood sugar level was through the roof, if you’re in Jaipur give Nibs a try, you won’t be disappointed.

WIND VIEW CAFE – the one with a royal view

best cafes in jaipur

Tbh, nothing is exclusive about this café except its view. Menu is very basic, almost everything is ready made or packed. Be here at the time of sunset and enjoy maggi, brownie and freshly made watermelon juice with a majestic view of Hawa Mahal in front. Weird combo!? Not for me!

ASTERIA – the one with the rooftop

rooftop cafes in jaipur

The number of rooftop cafes in Jaipur is unlooked for. The small city is filled with such innovative surprises. This newly opened place is on everyone’s check-out list. Grab a couple of beers or a bottle of wine, hang loose and adore the delightful view of the city. On a weekend you might find yourself flaunting some moves as Asteria is becoming quite popular and therefore, DJs, Bands, etc. 😀

JAI’POUR – the one with Santorini feels

best cafes in jaipur

White curved staircase leading to blue tables and chairs will surely (for a second though) give you a Santorini vibe. The layout is beautifully done. The riot of colors along with lush green cover and soothing lights is a sure shot mood upliftment therapy.

FORRESTA – the one amidst the nature

cafes in jaipur
Picture Credits: Zomato

Adjoining Jai’Pour, lies this romantic kitchen and bar which again has both indoor and outdoor seating. And like always I’d suggest you to sit outside to avoid the regular setting. 😛 The bar in the middle of the lawn is the most attractive part of Forresta. Go there when it’s dark as the lights add a charm to its interiors.


Everything listed above is tried and tested. GO! The bustle of food, unique décor and creativity awaits you.

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Refer to these books for a detailed guide!

10 fancy cafes in jaipur

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21-year-old girl, who one day realized how travelling to far off places and going on adventures could change perspective about life. That was the day when Trippindian was founded and she started finding her hobby, passion and profession in it.

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nandi hills bangalore sunset

Drive From Bangalore To Nandi Hills To Catch The Dazzling Sunset

I have seen a lot of articles saying ‘ditch the old Nandi Hills and head to these amazing XYZ places in Karnataka’. I ask why? Why ditch a place just because it’s touristy? It is old for some but new for many.

After spending three delightful days in Pondicherry, we had planned to party and wander in Bangalore for the next three days. Our plan was to take a tour of small towns and waterfalls near this major IT hub as Karnataka is known to have such spectacular sights.

We had our lunch, booked a Zoom Car through the App (which btw is extremely easy to use), got our car from a nearby mall’s parking lot on time and left to spot the well-known sunset at Nandi Hills. 😀

Bangalore to Nandi Hills is around 60km including 9-10 km drive on the hills. The price for the Zoom Car was INR 900 which was inclusive of the petrol. Zoom Car will charge you upto INR 5000 as security but that is credited to your account within a day or two. (obviously if you don’t make any damage 😛 )

We reached Nandi Hills by 05:15 pm and since it was my first drive on the hills I was both excited and nervous. 😛 But yay, the whole journey went perfectly fine and I am so proud of myself. (a little self praising is a must at times)

This makes me want to highlight how the drive was. The route from Bangalore to Nandi Hills is clear, devoid of traffic, safe, smooth and insanely beautiful.

Bangalore to Nandi Hills

Stopped en route to click this.

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You might think we are fools to even think of catching a sunset on a rainy day BUT WE ONLY WANTED TO GO ON A DRIVE. A good long drive! We knew there would be no sun or sunset but as usual mother nature never ceases to amaze us. We had NO idea such beautiful sight was awaiting us!

Bangalore to Nandi Hills

Yes, there was no sun but there was definitely a sunset.

Bangalore to Nandi Hills


There are three-four dhaba type restaurants where you can quench your hunger pangs. However, they shut at 06:00pm. Everybody usually heads their way back by 07:00pm as there is not a thing to do or see post sun drop.


Not denying the fact that it is way too touristy BUT that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. I envy people of Bangalore who have so many getaway options within 100km radius.

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Bangalore to Nandi Hills

Rays acting like a spotlight to the mountains.

nandi hills bangalore sunset

Sometimes all we girls need is a wide open space to bitch about boys. Haha!

Bangalore to Nandi Hills

The other side of the hills.

Bangalore to Nandi Hills

Until next time.

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Bangalore to Nandi Hills For Sunset

21-year-old girl, who one day realized how travelling to far off places and going on adventures could change perspective about life. That was the day when Trippindian was founded and she started finding her hobby, passion and profession in it.

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adventure activities in india

The Ultimate List Of Adventure Activities In India

Experience something new or something unique during your holiday with friends. If you and your friends consider yourselves as avid lovers of adventure and are in search of different ideas to plan your trip, then here are some unique adventure activities in India to make your holiday more exciting.

Paragliding in Bir Billing

Adventure activities in india

Type Bir Billing on Google and you’ll find nothing but posts about Paragliding. Yes! It is THAT famous. Known as one of the finest aero sports sites in the world, it is a small village surrounded by huge mountains offering stunning landscape for all the adventures.

The man who flies a paraglider must believe in the unseen.

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Bungy Jumping in Rishikesh

adventure activities in india

That is my friend who lent me this picture for the article. 😀

Experience the most extreme sports of New Zealand in the adventure capital of India: Rishikesh. Jump, dive and fly through the sky from a height of 83 meters. Excellent crew, super safe. It will be the most thrilling 30 seconds of your life for sure!

More information on Jumpin Heights.

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Motor Biking Trip: Lahaul – Spiti – Chandratal

Great Indian Outdoors in Uttrakhand offers some of the best outdoor adventures in India. Feed your wanderlust by renting a Royal Enfield, riding on high passes of Baralacha La and Kunzum La and seeing one of the most beautiful lakes in the Himalayas – Chandra Tal. Take a look over the itinerary here.

Caving in Meghalaya

adventure options in india

In addition to the panoramic landscapes, beautiful hills and magnificent waterfalls, Meghalaya has the largest network of caves found on the Indian sub-continent and to explore them is an out-of-the-world experience. Navigate the cave passages by either walking through waist deep water or swimming inside the caves. Sounds quite an adventure for a bunch of friends. Check Pioneer Adventure Tour to know more.

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Underwater Sea Walk in Goa

adventure activities in india
Photograph By Go Bananas

A once in a life time experience for all the non-divers out there, seabed walking. Discover the mysteries of underwater world, experience the soothing sensation where time stops and throw away all your worries. Got another reason to visit Goa? Pack your bags and head to Goa for some beer, party and adventure. Check out Go Bananas for more information.

If you have some more ideas, shoot them in the comments below.

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adventure activities in india

21-year-old girl, who one day realized how travelling to far off places and going on adventures could change perspective about life. That was the day when Trippindian was founded and she started finding her hobby, passion and profession in it.

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hogenakkal falls

Hogenakkal Falls – The Niagara Falls Of India – A Day Trip From Bangalore

While I was looking for one day trips from Bangalore, a friend of mine (a Bangalorean) suggested to visit Nandi Hills and Hogenakkal Falls. It was in the month of June and I had read in a lot of blogs that June/July is not the ideal time to visit Hogenakkal. After seeing its photos on Google I was sure that I can’t miss it even if it’s June.


Hogenakkal Falls is a major attraction placed on the Kaveri river in a district called Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu. This wonder of nature lies on the border of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. As you are boating amidst the falls, you will be in between Tamil Nadu on the right and Karnataka on the left.


Approximately 170 km


The best way to reach Hogenakkal Falls is only by car/taxi. Either you rent a car or hire a taxi. There are no direct buses or trains. We preferred to hire a taxi. A night before, we called around 4-5 transporters to get a rough estimate of the rates. Everyone quoted almost the same price i.e. INR 9/km + INR 500 for Inter State Road Tax + INR 200 for the driver = INR 3500 (after negotiating) for a Non-AC car though. 🙁 The route from Bangalore to Hogenakkal goes through some of the greener parts of Tamil Nadu and old-style villages. The route filled me with awe! I clicked around 250-300 photos exclusively of the route. The journey usually takes 4-5 hours but we reached in 2.5 hours as we left early in the morning. Also, thanks to our super efficient and co-operative driver.

how to reach hogenakkal falls

The moment when I couldn’t take my eyes and camera lense off the view.

how to reach hogenakkal falls

The photo did no justice to how beautiful it was.

how to reach hogenakkal falls

Look at the clouds so dense!



The best part of this excursion was the coracle ride. Coracle is basically a circular local fishing crafts made of bamboo and tar (to make it waterproof). The cost for the ride varies season to season. In June, we paid INR 750 for one boat that includes maximum of 4 people.

hogenakkal falls coracle ride

After rains the water falls off these rocks which is why I want to visit it again. :'(

hogenakkal boat ride

Like this but in large quantities. 😛 🙁

Again, I read it in a lot of blogs that to reach the boat you have to descend (and obviously ascend to go back) few steps which is not suitable for older people. But this cute old couple certainly proved them wrong.

hogenakkal boat ride

The boat man will stop at a small island along the riverside. You can chill along the river, take bath in the river and click photos to make the most of it. However we didn’t do a thing because of the unbearable heat. Also, the water wasn’t clean at all. But yes, some people were taking bath. So up to you 😛 😀

Hogenakkal falls island

The island thingy.


Anytime after August till March is the perfect time to witness the falls in its pristine self. I realized the photos that are shown on the internet is taken after the monsoons. From April-Mid July the river has less water, there are hardly 2-3 falls and the summer heat will kill you. I recommend not to travel during this period as you will not anything you see on the internet and it is sheer waste of money and effort.

After monsoons the coracle ride is closed when the water level is high but to witness the falls will be an experience in itself.

hogenakkal falls in june

Update your bucketlist people!


Ok so, there’s a difference between bathing in waterfall and bathing in waterfall with soap and shampoo. The bathing area is separate for men and women. Speaking of ladies bathing area, you really don’t bathe under the waterfall. You stand below a tap of water, bring all your toiletries and litter the place making it hard to even stand in shoes.

The bathing area for ladies was secluded and obviously I couldn’t click pictures of naked aunties. On the contrary the area for men, which was open and visible, was MUCH better than that of ladies. Mother of discrimination! :O

hogenakkal waterfall bath

What’s up Unkil?


There is no decent restaurant or food joint nearby but the fresh fish cooked by the locals is known to be delicious and a must try. Tbh, that was not hygienic at all and considering the immunity of my stomach I opted not to have it. So .. If you go there and try it, please let me know how it was in the comments below. 😀

fish fry hogenakkal falls


The photos shown above are beautiful, right? Right. But let’s take a look at the darker side of it. 😛

hogenakkal dirty

Hi! I am Crap Bag.

If you can refrain yourself from making your home a mess, why can’t you refrain yourself from making a planet so beautiful a mess? I believe it has given you much more than your home has. 🙂


Visiting Hogenakkal in June was indeed a waste of money. I will definitely visit again BUT only after monsoons.

21-year-old girl, who one day realized how travelling to far off places and going on adventures could change perspective about life. That was the day when Trippindian was founded and she started finding her hobby, passion and profession in it.

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cycling in pondicherry

A Perfect Itinerary For 3-Day Pondicherry Trip – Top Things To Do

On our school farewell party, we promised to always keep in touch and go on a trip once we are in college. Four years passed and everybody got busy with their lives. We did meet once in a year or sometimes twice. But that was it.

We have a WhatsApp group named ‘Mouse In Blouse’ (being lame and cheap as always) where we gossip about random stuff once in a month. One day, one of us randomly messaged “Let’s go on a trip girls!!!” and finally everybody replied with a YES.

Considering the budget we had a lot of options to go. After endless discussions, our flight landed in Chennai. No, this is not our destination.

Since there are no direct flights from Delhi to Pondicherry, we booked our flight till Chennai. Landed at 11:30 am, had our lunch at Sangeeta, a South Indian Restaurant right outside the airport, and left for Pondicherry. By what means? Now, that’s interesting. From Chennai airport we booked Ola to CMBT (Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminal) which is 13km away. We reached CMBT by 12:40 pm but the AC bus to Pondicherry had left at 12:30 and we had no option but to take the local bus to Pondy. The price for the ticket was only INR 90 but oh my god, it took us 5 hours to reach Pondicherry. 5 hours without AC in an over crowded bus, just imagine?

chennai to pondicherry bus

Local bus from Chennai to Pondicherry @ INR 90

Consequently, we reached Pondicherry late i.e at 5:30 pm and our day got wasted. So, I’ll not be mentioning this day in the itinerary. However, to compensate the day and the money we saved on travelling from Chennai to Pondicherry, we went to this beautiful place called Villa Shanti for dinner.

Villa shanti pondicherry trip

A delightful evening at Villa Shanti, Pondicherry.

Located in the French Quarters, this place has a minimalist décor and a relaxed and warm ambience. It is a perfect place to spend your evening.

My personal favorites remain Rose Wine and Chef’s Crumble.


We were staying at a 4-star hotel called Shenbaga which has a great location and hence, everything was just a few miles away. We woke up, had our breakfast-buffet, took a dip in the pool and left for the city. Many people told us before going that Pondicherry does not have Ola or Uber. But in fact, it does. Yes, Pondicherry has Ola, not Uber though.

First, we went to Sri Aurobindo Ashram. If you wish to escape the ruckus of the outside world, want a calm and peaceful place to sit and meditate, then you must go there. You have to remove your shoes outside the Ashram and walk quietly around the Samadhi.

Second, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Beautiful Gothic architecture, colorful stained glass panels, pleasant atmosphere .. what else could you ask for?

sacred heart pondicherry

The Basilica Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus.

Third, Immaculate Conception Cathedral. Get in touch with the divine in this magnificent piece of architecture located on the Church Street.

pondicherry cathedral

The best part is that everything is located within 2-3 km radius. I’d advice you to walk or rent a bicycle and cover all these places in one day.

We got free by 5 pm and were craving to see the beaches of Pondicherry. Fourth in our Day 1 itinerary was the Paradise Beach. Certainly, Pondy is not a beach destination. And now I shouldn’t compare it with beaches in Goa. So, the beach was quite peaceful, little dirty, no shacks or places where you can buy food or drinks, but then that is the charm, right?

paradise beach pondicherry

The mandate beach jump.

Ended the day at Le café situated next to Promenade/Rock beach. The location is great but the food was pathetic. My personal favorite would be grilled chicken and marinated fish.

P.S. Do not even dare to have the Lasagna at Le Café. IT SUCKS!!!

We could not have ended the day without having dessert. 😛 We went to Cream Affair which is walking distance from the Promenade. They serve ice-cream in two ways. 1) In a bubble waffle 2) In a wafer bowl. Obviously, I tried both. 😛 Bubble waffle was super tasty and a must try but the wafer bowl was not that impressive.


We headed to a very peaceful and beautiful French town of Auroville which was 15 kms away from our hotel, Shenbaga. First stop was Matri Mandir situated at the center of Auroville. Unfortunately, the mandir was under construction and we could only take a look at it from outside.


The soul of the city, Matri Mandir.

The walk till the mandir is through 12 lovely parks/gardens named separately based on the principles of life such as power, harmony, wealth, youth, etc. The walk is tiring but engaging. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated!

towards matri mandir

Walk towards Matri Mandir.

Next stop was the most popular Cafe Xtasi. I am pretty sure I saw two branches of Cafe Xtasi, one in Pondy and one in Auroville. So I am only going to talk to about the one in Auroville. It was an open café with an inviting ambience. Wood fired pizza is a MUST try.

My personal favorite would be Sausezz Pizza (Non-veg) and Vegetate Pizza (Veg)

Next, it’s sunset time and where could you think of going? To the beach! 😀 Serenity Beach is much cleaner than Paradise Beach but sunset is not the time to go there. It is perfect to witness sunrise, sit back and watch the local fishermen do their job.
serenity beach pondicherry

Serenity Beach, Pondicherry.Ended this day having dinner at a local restaurant since we were too broke for a fancy dinner. But I don’t know what is with girls and desserts, we saved up some money and went to Ibaco. Ibaco is HEAVEN! Rose wine and Ibaco are my new love after this trip. However, it is when I travelled to Bangalore I realized that Ibacco has many branches in South India.


We checked out of our hotel at 8 am and left for Pichavaram Mangrove Forest located 75 km from Pondicherry. We hired a taxi from our hotel for INR 2200 and since we were four, the amount got split. (win-win!)

Pichavaram Mangrove Forest is the second largest mangrove forest in the world and going there is like watching nature in its pristine beauty.

Mangrove forest Pichavaram

Into the nature’s lap.

A 4-person row boat costs INR 280 for 1 hour and 1 km. However, we gave the boatman INR 300 more and he took us 3 km deep inside the forest. Even the scorching heat couldn’t stop us from marveling at the nature’s wonder.

mangrove forest pondicherry trip

Deep inside the Mangrove Forest.

As this was our last lunch of Pondicherry, we wanted it to be lavish. 😀 So instead of eating at a local restaurant in Pichavaram, we came back to Pondy and had our lunch at Rendezvous CafĂ© Restaurant. Please do yourself a favor and don’t leave Pondicherry without having a meal at Rendezvous. If you are going for lunch make sure you place your order before 3:30 pm as it is their closing time. They reopen at 6:30 pm.

rendezvous cafe pondicherry

Rendezvous Café Restaurant.

Ambience? Perfect. Service? Quick. Staff? Friendly. Food? Delicious.

My personal favorites – Ratatouille and Bruschetta.

cafe rendezvous pondicherry trip

Bruschetta @ Café Rendezvous

Our bus was scheduled at 10:30 pm from Pondy to Bangalore. We had 4-5 hours of free time. Guess what we did? CYCLING!!!! No google maps, no specific destination to go, just ride around the city. Omg, that was bliss!! You MUST rent a cycle and explore this French town. And yay, there are cheap af. You can rent a cycle for just INR 70 per day and save up on your commuting. Plus, riding a bicycle in a completely different town than your own is in itself a next level experience.

Pro tip: Do not forget your Id proof back at your hotel like I did. Nobody will rent you a bicycle without an Id proof.

cycling in pondicherry trip

In case you are looking for a nice yellow wall to get clicked, Lycée Français is the place to go.

Bottom Line

Pondicherry does not have a list of ‘things to do’ or ‘things to see’. It’s hard to understand the real essence of this town in just 3-4 days. Those seeking for peace and solitude should stay in Auroville for at least a week. It is a quiet town with no nightlife. So if you’re going there in search of happening parties then don’t. Go there to taste a little bit of France in India. Stroll past the French styled streets and villas, discover the gothic churches on well-laid streets and enjoy both French and local delicacies. Pondicherry will surely not disappoint you!

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Pondicherry Trip

21-year-old girl, who one day realized how travelling to far off places and going on adventures could change perspective about life. That was the day when Trippindian was founded and she started finding her hobby, passion and profession in it.

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10 Photos That Will Make You Explore The Unexplored In Coorg

1) Life’s a journey, not a race.

A post shared by trippindian (@trippindian) on

2) How does it feel to be without a home, like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone?

A post shared by trippindian (@trippindian) on

3) No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.

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4) What we see depends on what we are looking for.

A post shared by trippindian (@trippindian) on

5) Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

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6) The driver of nature, water!

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7) Most of the best memories come from old dirt road.

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8) Love her, but leave her wild.

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9) Omkareshwar Temple

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10) Humans are the only creatures in this world who cut trees, make paper from it and write ‘save trees’ on it.

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21-year-old girl, who one day realized how travelling to far off places and going on adventures could change perspective about life. That was the day when Trippindian was founded and she started finding her hobby, passion and profession in it.

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Mandalpatti coorg

Going Offbeat: Delhi To Coorg Under 10K

This post contains affiliate links.

Just while I was sipping a cup of coffee, editing images and listening to Coldplay, my friend called asking me to choose between Banaras and Coorg for a weekend. My urge for letting the clouds brush across my skin took me to the Scotland of India.

I had planned to write an article on ‘Things to do in Coorg’ but I now intend to incorporate the break-up of my expenses too. For obvious reasons- Delhi to Coorg under 10K, are you kidding me!?

Flight: INR 4200

The best way to reach Coorg is to take a flight from Delhi to Bangalore and then travel by road from Bangalore to Coorg which is around 250 km away. The original fare for the flight was INR 5400 but thanks to MakeMyTrip we got a cashback of INR 1200 on AMEX Gold Card. I suggest you keep looking for such deals on MMT Offer Page.

Accommodation: INR 1500

We stayed in a beautiful homestay on a walking distance from coffee plantations called CopperVilla. Until we checked in our rooms, our soul purpose for booking this villa was the view it offered but eventually it gave us a lot more than just the view. The rooms were spacious and attractive with a huge washroom.

Land Transport: INR 2100

Before commencing the trip, we did a lot of research about the local transportation. Our friends who have been there told us that finding local transportation in Coorg is hard and people usually travel by car. Consequently, we booked a Toyota Etios for 3 days which picked us from Bangalore Airport. It charged us INR 9/km and INR 300 for the driver each day. We reached Bangalore, went to Coorg, visited most off-beat places there (which is quite far from the main attractions) and came back to Bangalore Airport covering 810 kms. This sums up to INR 8190 which was further divided between the four of us = INR 2100

Food & Miscellaneous: INR 1800

Food in Coorg is very cheap. Average price for a meal is INR 400 for four. Yes, it is THAT cheap and yummy too. Even if you go to a good restaurant, your bill will be max INR 1300. (everything is in context of four people)

The best thing about having your own car is that you can go as far as you can and explore all the unspoiled places. Voila, we ditched mainstream places like Abbey Falls and Raja’s Seat and made our way to these beautiful places.

Mallalli Falls

Mallali Falls Coorg


On our way to Coorg from Bangalore, we took a little detour to this splendid waterfalls which is around 60 kms before Madikeri (Coorg). It is highly recommended that you visit the falls in the morning/daylight as reaching there requires a short trek. Believe me, coming up is no piece of cake because the climb is too steep. But it is totally worth the efforts. Sink into the nature, enjoy the beauty, take a dip and have 2-3 hours well-spent.


Mandalpatti coorg


Situated 18 kms from Madikeri, this place cannot be avoided if you are a nature enthusiast. To go there you have to stop 3 kms before. Don’t even think of taking your own vehicle as the roads are bumpy and rough. You can hire a jeep for INR 1500 which will double the adventure. I’d suggest to visit Mandalpatti in the evening to enjoy the mesmerizing sunset with a spectacular view.

Entry is not allowed after 6pm, so make sure you plan accordingly.

Coffee Plantations

coffee plantations coorg

Into the wild!

You can’t miss a coffee plantation tour in Coorg. This hill-station is home to one of the biggest manufacturers of coffee in India. Many estate owners provide a guided tour around their property to witness the verdant coffee fields. The tour includes the complete journey of coffee i.e. from a seed to packed powder. You can avoid to opt for a tour and choose to stay in a resort or a homestay situated in the middle of coffee plantations. Wake up early in the morning, walk down the hills, spend time with the coffee pickers and absorb the information yourself.

Homestay in Coorg

coorg homestay


To explore the natural charm of Coorg, homestays are best for a delightful vacation. Escape the hectic city life and experience the essence of Coorgi lifestyle and culture. Taste the traditional cuisine have a unique dose of local culture.

Chelavara Falls

chelavara falls coorg

Around 45 kms away from Madikeri lies the magnificent Chelavara falls. At the time we went, just 2 kms before, the road was under construction. So, we had to trek it down but thank god we did, because that walk was so damn beautiful! I am sure the roads will be open by now and you will only be left with 200-300 mtrs trek on a dense forest trail. There are two points to visit: One is above the waterfall which has a stream of water where you can spend time chilling with friends. Other one is the place beneath from where you can actually see the falling water.

chelavara coorg

Beautiful path leading to the falls.

As we were not aware of this, we kept walking in the same direction landing above the falls to this beautiful stream.

In Coorg, beauty of nature is not only enjoyed, but is worshipped as a way of life. This perfectly sums up my 3 days of ‘exploring the unexplored India’ in Coorg.

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21-year-old girl, who one day realized how travelling to far off places and going on adventures could change perspective about life. That was the day when Trippindian was founded and she started finding her hobby, passion and profession in it.

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5 Extremely Awesome Unexplored Places In India For New Years.

Bored of spending New Year’s Eve in a club dancing and drinking like every year? Why not take your wanderlust to a next level and explore something unique this year? Head to these extremely awesome unexplored and unspoilt places in India and start 2017 with a bang.


Photograph By The Hindu

Take a break from your bustling life and immerse yourself in this culturally rich village having undoubtedly beautiful scenery. It is not a place where you would find specific ‘places to visit’ but a place where you could experience the Apatanis ( Ziro’s tribe ) and their ‘far away from technology’ culture.

KAUSANI – “Switzerland of India”

Photograph By BCMTouring

Set amidst the beautiful slopes Uttrakhand, Kausani is a quiet hill-station offering ridiculously awesome views of Himalayan range. If you feel your New Year’s Eve is incomplete without alcohol, then let me remind you of an unbeatable combination of rum and winters. What’s more exciting than sippin’ on Old Monk whilst witnessing snowfall?


Photograph By GoTravelaz

December-January is the best time to visit Varkala. This place is no less than Goa. Trust me when I say this. Nightlife here is AMAZING. All the shops, restaurants and cafes are open till midnight. You’ll hardly spot any Indian as this place is full of foreigners chilling along the beach. Enjoy the views of Varkala cliff whilst sipping a cocktail and guzzling delicious sea food along with amazing live bands performing all night.


unexplored beach goa offbeat
Photograph By Welcome NRI

I totally agree that it’s VERY hard to get enough of North Goa but and there is a but, for once make your way to South Goa to explore this unspoilt beauty – the beach of butterflies – to make yourself feel in heaven. You are going to witness the most spectacular sunset and if lucky, you can also spot dolphins playing around the sea. Like LITERALLY!


unexplored ponmudi offbeat india
Photograph By Wild Planet

A perfect getaway for a peaceful weekend! A small (not so famous) hill-station in Kerala but a MUST GO. Not many people are aware of Ponmudi, famous for its wilderness, making it completely untouched. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax amidst the undisturbed lap of nature.
Stop waiting, start travelling. 

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21-year-old girl, who one day realized how travelling to far off places and going on adventures could change perspective about life. That was the day when Trippindian was founded and she started finding her hobby, passion and profession in it.


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