Catching The Dazzling Sunset At Nandi Hills 60km From Bangalore

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nandi hills bangalore sunset

Catching The Dazzling Sunset At Nandi Hills 60km From Bangalore

I have seen a lot of articles saying ‘ditch the old Nandi Hills and head to these amazing XYZ places in Karnataka’. I ask why? Why ditch a place just because it’s touristy? It is old for some but new for many.

After spending three delightful days in Pondicherry, we had planned to party and wander in Bangalore for the next three days. Our plan was to take a tour of small towns and waterfalls near this major IT hub as Karnataka is known to have such spectacular sights.

We had our lunch, booked a Zoom Car through the App (which btw is extremely easy to use), got our car from a nearby mall’s parking lot on time and left to spot the well-known sunset at Nandi Hills. 😀

Bangalore to Nandi Hills is around 60km including 9-10 km drive on the hills. The price for the Zoom Car was INR 900 which was inclusive of the petrol. Zoom Car will charge you upto INR 5000 as security but that is credited to your account within a day or two. (obviously if you don’t make any damage 😛 )

We reached Nandi Hills by 05:15 pm and since it was my first drive on the hills I was both excited and nervous. 😛 But yay, the whole journey went perfectly fine and I am so proud of myself. (a little self praising is a must at times)

This makes me want to highlight how the drive was. The route from Bangalore to Nandi Hills is clear, devoid of traffic, safe, smooth and insanely beautiful.

Stopped en route to click this.

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You might think we are fools to even think of catching a sunset on a rainy day BUT WE ONLY WANTED TO GO ON A DRIVE. A good long drive! We knew there would be no sun or sunset but as usual mother nature never ceases to amaze us. We had NO idea such beautiful sight was awaiting us!

nandi hills bangalore sunset

Yes, there was no sun but there was definitely a sunset.

nandi hills bangalore sunset


There are three-four dhaba type restaurants where you can quench your hunger pangs. However, they shut at 06:00pm. Everybody usually heads their way back by 07:00pm as there is not a thing to do or see post sun drop.


Not denying the fact that it is way too touristy BUT that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. I envy people of Bangalore who have so many getaway options within 100km radius.

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nandi hills bangalore sunset

Rays acting like a spotlight to the mountains.

nandi hills bangalore sunset

Sometimes all we girls need is a wide open space to bitch about boys. Haha!

nandi hills bangalore sunset

The other side of the hills.

nandi hills bangalore sunset

Until next time.

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Sunset at Nandi Hills

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