10 Destinations In India To Visit Before You Turn Thirty

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10 Destinations In India To Visit Before You Turn Thirty

Have you ever thought that you spend most of your life at same place? First 22 years going to school and college, and next 30 years working in a cubical or if by chance you get free time you squander it by watching TV series or making plans which never succeed. But the matter of fact is that the 20s is the time when you are independent and are free to dream. This is the age when you can make some of the life time memories and experience crazy things in life.

A dialogue from Bollywood blockbuster Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara says “Insaan Ko Dibbe Mein Sirf Tab Hona Chahiye Jab Wo Mar Chuka Ho”, stands a good impulse for the youngsters because the present condition of youth is making them isolated from the outer world due to which they never live the life that exist outside the virtual world. And by the time you leave your college and move into corporate world, you realize that you didn’t made enough memories to satiate yourself, and one fine day you regret of not having had enough experiences during your college life. The thing which is Bitter but is true is that you all are Aging and yet have not discovered the most splendid destinations.

Folks, we suggest you that before you turn 30 explore as much as you can. Travel, while you’re still young, get out of your comfort zone and live as if there is no tomorrow because anything which you explore today will last life time and if you let this time pass, the energy and zeal inside you will die away and you’ll just end up making regrets. So, here is a list of 10 spectacular destinations you must visit in India for a life changing experience before moving into your 30s:

1. Get mad in Goa

Undoubtedly, Goa is one of those destinations which one must go during his/her 20s. With aura, full of energy, amazing nightlife, majestic beaches, Goa has much more to make your trip memorable.


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Baia Dzagnidze

March 10, 2017 at 9:35 pm

I would love to volunteer with the priests at holy city of Banaras or any other holy city. This would be an experience!

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