A Foodie On The Loose In Pondicherry

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A Foodie On The Loose In Pondicherry

We all love food, but how far can the love for food take you? In my case it took me precisely all the way upto Pondicherry, to explore the vibrant food scene there! Read on to know more about my delicious journey through the alluring lanes of Pondicherry, which all successfully culminated in my tummy and made my taste buds happy in the process!

(WARNING: Don’t read this on an empty stomach)


A map, a pair of good walking shoes, and a hungry tummy coupled with a fervent desire to explore the local jaunts that a place has to offer, are the best companions  of a ‘foodie on the loose’. And I had all these, and the only thing that was left to be achieved was some soul food that would not only tantalise my taste buds but also make a way to my heart.

Determined, I start my food journey from the heartbeat of Pondicherry- the Promenade beach, a unique mélange of rocks and the sea-shore on one side, and merry travelers and busy shops on the other side. I decide to commence this ‘food pilgrimage’ from the iconic Le Café, a seafront café where you can relish your coffee with the gentle breeze coming from the Bay of Bengal.  As I sip on my cold coffee while taking in the breathtaking view of the play of colours between the Sun and the sea, I can already envision myself happily in search of more stuff to please my palate.

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This task that I have set upon is no ordinary task, and I have armed myself with a map of Pondy in my hand to decode the food scene here. En route, I pay my respects at the Ashram, a place that resonates a certain aura of tranquility.  And after wandering through some roads and nooks and corners, I reach at my next destination-Hot Breads. Call me a rebel if you please, but I started this epic journey with some sweet goodies, which were so tempting that I couldn’t even find the time (or the patience) to click a photo of these and dug into them, straightaway. My Red Velvet Cupcake, with a whopping amount of frosting, and the refreshing blueberry pie found a way happily to my tummy, and intrigued my senses for more. Here I also learn that a café nearby, Café Xtasi, serves authentic wood-fired pizzas, and being a pizza lover that I am, I immediately realize my next stop.

cafe xtasi pondicherryImage by pondicherryinfo.com

After a lot of searching around, I spot this quaint, little café tucked around in a corner, and am immediately greeted by the warm hospitality of its owners. Browsing through its extensive menu, I zero in on the Vegeteriana Pizza. And believe me; it was like no pizza I have ever tasted before. Its super-thin crust and exotic veggies landed it the prestigious ‘Best Pizza Till date’ title! (Again, I couldn’t resist the urge and couldn’t click a pic of this beauty; perhaps I should work on my patience!)

If you love chocolates (who doesn’t?) consider stopping by Zuka, a store that boasts of a variety of chocolates and chocolate-based desserts, and indulge in the sinful decadence that so far you have only dreamed about. Do check out the decorations on their ceilings which they have done using chocolates itself!  After fulfilling my chocolate fanatsy, my stomach, and my heart, both have found contentment and I return back to my room with some great memories!

A big shout out to all the foodies out there! In search of a reason to set out and explore? Perhaps it’s time to pack your bags and embark upon a journey through tastes and cuisines!

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How to reach:

By air: Fly upto Chennai Airport, which is 135 km away from Pondicherry.

By rail: The nearest railway station is Villupuram, which is about 35 kilometres away from the town.

By road: There are various buses that one can take from Chennai, as well as other major towns in Tamil Nadu.

Best time to visit:


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-Written By Vinita Srinivasan

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