The Ultimate Barcelona Guide – Top Things To Do in Barcelona

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The Ultimate Barcelona Guide – Top Things To Do in Barcelona

El Airport:

The Airport is beautiful but the shops close around 9 PM and the place is more or less deserted after that. If your flight lands after that, be sure to be with your fellow passengers till the checkout or you might just be the next star of a horror movie, or maybe even an extra depending on how good looking you are 😀  Luckily shops closing does not mean cab service also shuts down. It is open till wee hours of the morning.
Pro tip tho: Most of the cabbie’s don’t speak English and you’re better off having the address of your destination in print. Seriously, you wouldn’t wanna sleep at the airport. Place gives you goosebumps. Pretty sure one of the goosebumps books is set here too.

Place I stayed:

Barcelona is full of good and cheap places to stay. Both of the times, I’ve stayed at this amazing amazing youth hostel called The Black Swan (yes I know I said amazing 2 times). It is close as hell to Gothic Quarters and a walking distance from Les Rambles (More on that below folks, have patience. Also my writing should improve in a para or 2. Request patience for that too)  The staff here? They are friendly, funny, talkative, and helpful (shout to Bobby and Clementine! Bobby also cooks a mean Paella and might permanently move to Spain if they elect Trump back in his home country). This place also organizes a Pub Crawl for 1Euro. Seriously, who does that? That’s the cheapest Pub Crawl I’ve ever been to! And it’s good too! They take you to 2 bars followed by a multi-story nightclub. The first bar offers a Blackout Tray for 4 for 20 Euro which is basically a steal. Not even kidding, haven’t had that much alcohol that cheap anywhere else. My dorm mates took one tray and were absolutely smashed by the time we got up. All in all, highly recommend the pub crawl and the tray too. Bonus points if you finish the tray alone.

Work in hostel barcelona

Here is a list of places that one must visit when planning a trip to Barcelona.

1) My man Gaudi

Who I’m talking about here is Antoni Gaudi. This guy was either always on crack, or very very creative, or both. The stuff he designed is straight fire. Like this guy was like Mozart of Architecture or some shit! Look at some of the things he designed.

Palau Guell

Top things to do in barcelona

So My man Gaudi was totally sick. He designed this palace type home for a family and literally went all out here. Rather than bore with details, I’ll just give you the key points. It is located right in the city center the moment you turn into a street from Les Rambles and is free to visit on Sundays. You can get those information recorder things here in multiple languages which give you details about the place as you visit it. The most impressive part are the chimneys and the roof. Basically old boy went: Ugly chimneys in a building designed by me? No, even the smoke blasters gotta be epic! So what this guy did was put beautiful mosaic art on about 16 chimney’s and made the roof a highlight of the palace (for yours truly at least). Sadly during the Spanish civil war the originals were damaged. Due to problems like unavailability of same material and no photos of previous designs, they couldn’t be recreated either ( the war happened in 1936 and nobody took photos of fireplace dust excretors. Cameras were scarce and pics costly man) Not to worry tho, Restoration efforts happened. Teams studied what was left of originals and tried their best to make the new ones look like what Gaudi would have wanted. They might have it wrong in all fairness tho. Gaudi crashed into a car in like 1926 and restoration happened a few decades later. But it’s still super awesome and looks a bit like tiny rockets.
PS: If you think they look like something else instead of a rocket, you got a dirty mind and need religion. #OrMaybeLessPorn

Cathedral Sagrada Familia

If you in Barcelona, you cannot miss this building. This is the main cathedral of the city and takes up an entire fudging block. Like seriously, it probably has its own zip code or some shit. Also it’s pretty, looks like a castle from far and is really really awesome. There are no words to describe this place. Huge ass Stained Glass window, Designer reefs, Marble art with background lighting, modern glass buildings, Egyptian style statues, designer doors, round glass elevators? You name it and this cathedral has it. Seriously, they went all out with the place man. No photos could ever do it justice. My man Gaudi basically went like this while making it: What does the church require? Okay now keep the essentials, scrap the rest, and add thousands of my own elements. I’m making a basilica for the ages *drumrolls away into mist while wearing Aviators*

Park Guell

Top things to do in barcelona

So basically Gaudi went, you know what mate, I have designed hella awesome homes and buildings but you know what would be real sweet, what if I also designed a big ass park and it was named Parc? Totally awesome right?! So that’s what homeboy did! He also lived there in a house designed by someone else but in the park. The guy lived there for 20 years from 1906-1926. All in all this place makes for an awesome morning visit.

2) Huge Park

Top things to do in barcelona

Don’t miss it. Go for an early morning walk. It’s pretty!! Also hosts Catalunya Parliament and Barcelona Zoo.

3) Gothic Quarters

Top things to do in barcelona

The streets are tiny and beautiful as hell. There is even a George Orwell street (nerd level: Boss). The quarters are filled with beautiful shops, loads and loads of basilicas, old buildings etc. It’s located to the side of Les Rambles and is home to Santa Maria Del Pi, Santa Maria Del Mar, a few more Cathedrals, A museum for music and so many cool shops, wineries and eating joints.
Pro tip: Be careful while asking people out, they might be married. (She was really pretty and funny okay!!! I don’t regret it at all!! You would have done the same. Probably, Maybe .. #PleaseDontLaugh?)

4) Walking Tour Of The City

In my two visits to the city, I’ve never been once able to attend it. I’ll fill you in about it after my third visit maybe? I wouldn’t have my hopes up tho #SerialProcrastinatorHere

Sex Museum

Located at Les Rambles, this is place is standing proof that humans are weird and kinky as fuck. Apparently tentacle hentai porn is not the weirdest sexual thing humans have thought of. Not even kidding bruh, after visiting this place your genitals would dry up and you’d be mentally scarred for a few days atleast. You’ll wish you could erase it all from your memory and lose faith in humanity. Also, you’ll laugh a lot. All in all highly recommended :D.

Pro Tip: The entry fee includes a glass of champagne. Have it after leaving rather than before, you’ll want to forget what you saw. #WouldSuggestAnother3218732Glasses

Les Rambles

Top things to do in barcelona

Located at Catalunya Square (basically the Barcelonan equivalent of Connaught Place for Delhi or Times Square for New York). This street is a must must must visit (That’s 3 musts thank you very much) You’ll have to visit it anyway because it is very centrally located dividing the roman quarters and the old Barcelona. It is full of crazy talented street artists. A lot of roadside shops with good food and shops on both sides. Seriously missing this street would be like going to Pisa and missing the leaning tower! Why’d you even do that dude? #UnlessSomeEmergencyStrikes

Basilica Santa Maria del Mar

Prime example of Catalan Gothic Architecture, this Basilica is pretty neat. It has the widest column spacing of any church in Europe is pretty awesome. The climb to tower is pretty great. This church too was damaged in Civil War of ’36 (What wasn’t?!?!) Restoration has been done on most parts since then although you can still see the damage if you look up at the ceiling. #AlsoHasABellTower #TheBellsHaveNamesToo

Basilica Santa Maria del Pi

Easily my personal favorite in Barcelona and the reason I came back. Another example of Catalan Gothic, it was constructed in 13th/14th century and took a shitload of years to complete (Too lazy to google that up, bear with me please :P) This place has a pretty big rose window and also pretty beautiful. The 1936 war damaged this church too (Seriously?!?!) and the window had to be restored. You get the feels just by being there. It has some of the prettiest statues I have ever seen and you get the feels just by being there. Also, before I digress anymore, Santa Maria Del Pi has a badass tall tower attached to it. Not part of the main building initially but attached later on. The stairs are a wee bit scary but offers you the best damn view of the city. This is the view that made me come back. Seriously, don’t miss it.

Love Love Love this city. Please do yourself a favor and visit it. Also you can buy 10 croissants for like 1Euro30Cents. If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

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-Written By Shaleen Jain


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