The Biggest Shopping Malls Around The World

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biggest shopping malls

The Biggest Shopping Malls Around The World

The retail sector has been booming in the past few years and this has led to an incredible increase in the number of shopping malls in most of the world leading cities. Shopping is always a part of every travel experience, and a good number of people go for online passport renewal so that they travel and buy a variety of products from different cities across the globe. But do you know which malls are the biggest in the world or you do desire to do your shopping the malls which will make you think that you are in a city within a city? Well, if that is your desire, then we have some good news for you. Here is our compilation of the biggest malls in the world where you can shop till you drop dead.

Sunway Pyramid Mall in Malaysia

Sunway Pyramid Mall in Malaysia was opened in 1997 and was renovated in 2007 to increase its capacity and make it more modern and attractive just like its compatriots in some parts of the world. The mall is located in Bandar Sunway along the Klang Valley and it is a popular shopping sport for both the local population as well as for visitors visiting Malaysia and the Southeast Asia region. This incredible holds about 800 stores and it offers a magnificent shopping opportunity to almost all types of shoppers. The design of the mall was inspired by the Egyptian Pharaohs and pyramids and on the main entrance of the mall, you will find a large Sphinx, with the rest of the mall being designed to look like a pyramid.

Cevahir Mall in Turkey

Cevahir Mall is in Istanbul and it is one of the largest malls found within the city center. The design of the mall is modern in all aspects and it presents a lot of shopping opportunities with excellent leisure facilities and tourist attractions. The mall becomes operational in 2005 and it has about 2000 stores on the six floors where shoppers can shop for different items from a wide variety of brands. These include fashion brands, cafes, restaurants as well as a wide variety of entertainment options for kids.

Central World in Thailand

The Central World Mall in Thailand was opened in 1990, but was renamed to Central World Plaza in 2001 and later renamed to Central World Mall in 2005. The shopping mall presents shoppers with the magnificent variety of both local and international brands. The mall is designed to please, with a total of 18 entrances for shoppers and a parking space large enough to accommodate up to 7000 cars. The beauty of the mall also offers a unique feel and if you had gone for online passport renewal to visit Southeast Asia, then this is one of the malls you must never fail to visit. If you don’t feel like shopping in it, just visit to see the features that the megastructure has.

Persian Gulf Complex in Iran

This is one of the largest malls in Iran and also in the world, being the home to more than 2500 stores. It is located in the Shiraz city and it was opened in 2011. The mall is also the home to Burj Fars International Hotel which boasts of a whopping 262 rooms. The other notable amenities include an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a helipad, a tennis court and a convention center. Other than these, tourists to the Persian Gulf Complex will also be treated to wonderful amusement parks, one is indoor and the other being outdoors.

Isfahan City Center in Iran

The Isfahan City Center mall is located in Isfahan and it is one of the biggest and most sophisticated malls you will find in the world. It comes with a few subtle and unique attractions, including a fully-fledged museum for the tourists. Inside the shopping complex, you will find lots of restaurants, a five-star hotel, a hypermarket, 750 retail shops, an entertainment center, seven cinema halls, world trade center and an international finance center. What you will find in this mall is more than pure elegance and opulence, as well as a rich heritage of the Iranians as a display through their diverse culture as well as the shopping experience that attracts visitors from far and wide.

SM Mega Mall in the Philippines

SM Mega enjoys the reputation of being the second largest shopping mall in the Philippines and it has been in operation since 1985. The mall has over 1,100 retail shops offering a wide variety of goods for a unique shopping experience. The design of the mall is such that it is comprised of two mega buildings which are then connected with a bridge and the entire mall sprawls over an area of about 10 hectares of land. The mall can accommodate up to four million people, with enough parking space to hold up to 8,000 cars. The design and structure are elegant and it is one place you would surely love to shop at.

SM City North EDSA in the Philippines

This is literally a shopping haven in the city of Quezon in the Philippines. It is one of its kind, having been designed with a unique concept which includes lots of amenities specifically designed for leisure. It is not always that you will find lots of leisure activities going on inside a mall, but here, that is the order of the day. The mall opened its doors to the public in 1985 and since then, it has undergone major redesigns and renovations which have in turn turned it into the world class mall we see today. It will interest you to know that it is one of the largest solar-powered shopping malls in the entire southeast region, this is after it displaces SM Mega Mall from the top spot in power utilization.

Golden Resource Mall in China

The Golden Resource Mall is in Beijing and it has been nicknamed as the Great Mall of China. This is because of its gigantic size that spans over six million square feet and covers up to six floors. The Golden Mall Resources is not just one of the largest malls in the world, but also one of the highly equipped malls with hi-tech entertainment facilities, sports exhibitions, cultural centers, and much more. It houses more than 1600 stores, over 100 restaurants and a parking capacity enough for 6800 cars. Recently, the mall was ranked as the second largest mall in the world, after New South China Mall, which though is very big and elegant, it largely remains unoccupied.

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