An Argentinean Woman’s Guide To India

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Argentinean woman's guide

An Argentinean Woman’s Guide To India

An experience full of excitement, love, and senses. This is life! People has so many pre-conceptions about India as they can also have about every culture that’s different from its culture.

My advice… make your own way and enjoy India, it has a lot of things to offer you!

5 cities: The Golden Triangle + Udaipur + McLeodGanj. 5 senses: smell, hearing, taste, touch and sight.

Smell. Delhi and Udaipur.

Since I was in the airplane to Delhi, I started to experience the Indian culture. The guy who was beside me was sweating with a very strong smell. Then, we got food and the smell was very similar. And when I arrived, it was even stronger.

I found this smell in every place: in the airplane, in the train to Udaipur, on the streets, in the hostels, in the kitchen, in the bathroom. Everywhere.

At first I was shocked but then I got used to and I started to like it.

Here was the main reason of that, their wonderful spices! I realized in Shashi’s Cooking Class.

Argentinean Woman's Guide Indian Spices

Hearing. Delhi, Jaipur and McLeodGanj.

Noisy horns, wonderful stories, amazing music, the 6am prayer…

Noisy horns.
Surely, you know what I’m talking about. I won’t say a lot about that. You know.. traffic jam, many horns sounding at the same time, people shouting “Tuc tuc. Do you need a tuc tuc?” and so many cars using their horn “Boom, boing, boing, boing, bam”.

Argentinean Woman's Guide

Wonderful stories.
Stories about marriage, religion and our mission in this life, among others.
They’re very talkative and hospitable. In all of them, I found a friend. I felt at home.
Every time I felt lost in the middle of the night, I didn´t have data to use my cellphone or when I was sad/happy, someone helped me.

Something very important for their culture. I learnt something new! Sometimes, their parents upload their profiles in a website and then they take into account the following points in order to find a wife or husband for their children:
⦁ The horoscope.
⦁ The caste.
⦁ If their parents like the woman or the man.
⦁ If they (the couple) like each other respectively.

They have so many: Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Islam and Christianity. The first four originated in India and the rest came from outside.
I realized that every culture, every person needs to believe in something, it doesn’t matter if it’s called Buddha, God, Energy… At the end we all need to believe in something, we have more things in common than we expect and we should learn from our few differences.

Our mission in this life.
I hear this story from a woman from Spain who came back from the death. She told us she was in India because she found her mission, she had to talk to the monks and share a formula.
She told us we’re energy, we’re holograms and that we’re here to learn and achieve a mission.

Argentinean Woman's Guide

Amazing music.
I loved it! They shout, jump or simple relax. You can find all the types of music.

The 6 am prayer.
The Indian alarm clock for me during my trip in India haha.
In every city, you will hear that at 6am someone starts to pray. I didn’t ask about it but I think it’s a tradition before to meditate because I hear it also in my meditation retreat.

Taste. Delhi and Udaipur.

This is India! Spicy, colorful and tasty.

You can love India or simple don’t like it. For people from Occident is a big cultural shock at first because everything is very different: the customs, the clothes, the smells, the temples, the streets, the people.

And, it’s the same with their food. At the begging for me it was hard, it was very very very spicy.
In my case, I had stomachache. But then, I started to enjoy every different taste of each spice.
You get used to eating their food and you start to like it. And this is also life, when you’re trying or exploring something different. It takes time.

My favorites: chicken curry, their bread (I don’t remember its name) to eat with different toppings, the masala tea and the omelet with a wonderful cheese (I’ve never tried such good omelet with a cheese like this one before)

Argentinean Woman's Guide

Argentinean Woman's Guide

Touch. Delhi.

They eat with their hands. They cook with their hands. When you are leaving a Temple, they give something to eat to you also with their hands.

I don’t know how to explain it… at first is a shock and some people thinks that is disgusting but on the opposite I think that everything is tastier. Just, try and then, tell me 😉

Sight. Every place.

How can I pick just some pictures?! It was hard only pick the following ones.

I was amazed by:
⦁ Its temple, the architecture, the colors, every day full of people praying.
⦁ Seeing cows, motorbikes, tuc tucs, elephants and monkeys at the same time on the street or on the route.
⦁ Butcher Shops on the middle of the street.
⦁ Its amazing mountains.

Argentinean Woman's Guide Tourism

⦁ Women dressing colorful saris, doing rituals at home, working.

Argentinean Woman's Guide

As a woman from Occident, for sure I felt that everyone was looking at me because of my clothes, my skin, my features, etc. It was crazy and funny that people wanted to take photos with me.

If someone asks me if I felt unsafe there? My answer would be No, only once and it was because I didn’t follow the advice that some Indian friends gave it to me. You just have to visit most of the places during the morning and try to avoid be alone during the night. But I think that’s like in every city or country, nothing very different as the caution that you should have to take when you’re travelling.

Forget your fears, try new things, trust people you don’t know and enjoy every simple moment. This is not just in India, THIS IS LIFE!


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Argentinean Woman's Guide

Article By Franca

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10 Destinations In India To Visit Before You Turn Thirty

Have you ever thought that you spend most of your life at same place? First 22 years going to school and college, and next 30 years working in a cubical or if by chance you get free time you squander it by watching TV series or making plans which never succeed. But the matter of fact is that the 20s is the time when you are independent and are free to dream. This is the age when you can make some of the life time memories and experience crazy things in life.

A dialogue from Bollywood blockbuster Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara says “Insaan Ko Dibbe Mein Sirf Tab Hona Chahiye Jab Wo Mar Chuka Ho”, stands a good impulse for the youngsters because the present condition of youth is making them isolated from the outer world due to which they never live the life that exist outside the virtual world. And by the time you leave your college and move into corporate world, you realize that you didn’t made enough memories to satiate yourself, and one fine day you regret of not having had enough experiences during your college life. The thing which is Bitter but is true is that you all are Aging and yet have not discovered the most splendid destinations.

Folks, we suggest you that before you turn 30 explore as much as you can. Travel, while you’re still young, get out of your comfort zone and live as if there is no tomorrow because anything which you explore today will last life time and if you let this time pass, the energy and zeal inside you will die away and you’ll just end up making regrets. So, here is a list of 10 spectacular destinations in India for a life changing experience before moving into your 30s:

1. Get mad in Goa

Undoubtedly, Goa is one of those destinations which one must go during his/her 20s. With aura, full of energy, amazing nightlife, majestic beaches, Goa has much more to make your trip memorable.


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2. Trip to spectacular lands beyond Himalaya: Manali – Leh Bike Rally

Unarguably, Manali – Leh highway road trip is on every travel freak’s bucket list. Get a feel of crazy winding roads, eye pleasing scenic views that this place has to offer you, this road trip stands a paradise for bike lovers.

3. Ride through Mystical water of Ganges – Rishikesh Water Rafting

With the bursting of energy and enthusiasm, 20s is the best time to experience adventure sports. The only time when your body has enough energy to match the spirit of adventures like Cliff Jumping, Kayaking, and the main “Rafting” in Rishikesh.

4. Explore Coorg – Picturesque and Charming

Also, known as the Scotland of India, Coorg simply cannot be missed from the list of best places to visit. It is at this spectacular hill station that you get the feel of ramping greenery and calmness of this place.

chelavara falls coorg

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5. Experience the Cold of Arid deserts in Rajasthan

A place known for its Royalty and World Class Heritage, Rajasthan is the best destination to experience the luxury along with Culture of India. Being in your 20s allows you to get out of your comfort zone and experience new things. Challenge yourself by staying overnight under the shade of stars in the never-ending stretches of sands.

destinations in india jodhpurPhotograph By Camera Maverick

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6. Go Wild in Jim Corbett National Park

Silence, Nature Walks, Wildlife. Home to endangered tigers, Jim Corbett National Park is a good option for wildlife enthusiasts. Trip to this Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect thing for nature enthusiast and wildlife lovers.

destinations in india jim corbett

7. Feel the divine beauty of Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

Want to experience the heaven on earth? Well, a Trek to Valley of Flowers is a place to offer you the feel of a fairy tale. With unique landscapes, vibrant stretches of colorful flowers, and villages which add to the pristine charm of this heavenly destination, this is the best trip option to beat the fear of heights.

8. Enjoy the night life of Mumbai at Marine Drive

Also, known as “Sapnon ki Nagri”, Mumbai, the commercial capital of India lets you live the carefree life. Famous for its people, sleepless night life, and of course Bollywood, this place is a must visit, and if you think that you can poke your way across a sea of people the, visiting Mumbai is a must experience at least once in your twenties.

destinations in india

9. Volunteer with the priests at holy city of Banaras

One of the holiest cities of India, known for its beautiful ghats, the prayers, boat rides on the banks of river offers a peace of mind.

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10. Enchant your soul in North East.

The majestic mountains of North East can call enthusiast to experience the best of what nature has to offer. Revive your childhood by getting on a toy train or get closer to the pristine nature while you ride away on your bikes in Darjeeling.

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 -Written By Gaurav Nirman


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