A Journey To The Travel World

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A Journey To The Travel World

How wonderful would it be for a kid to get to taste a new ice cream or for a young lad to go out with a new girl every day? Each of us has this one special desire in mind which is somewhere hidden deep in our hearts but if we truly want what we wish for in our dreams and if there comes an opportunity then we can surely fulfill it one day.

My desire is to travel in every nook and corner of the world and never stop exploring. The meaning of travel and tourism can be juxtaposed but there is a thin line of difference which sets them poles apart. It is rather simple and could be found within oneself. It is the sheer observation and the spirit that a traveler has which makes his journey enigmatic.

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Human life today is not only moving fast but is also demanding and puts a lot of pressure on peoples’ minds. The everyday funda of life is to work hard and achieve goals. But in this competitive world we have our identities somewhere and it is very rare to find people who actually follow their dreams and maintain a successful position in life. They become more regular in their approach and hardly find time to express their inner emotions and do what they like. Stuck in the mighty clutches of internet, bound by the office walls and a burden of responsibilities, man is forgetting that God has sent him to see that how beautiful is the world around and if he spends his life sitting at one place then he may neither get to taste a new flavor of ice cream nor get a new friend to explore the world with.

Traveling gives me the ultimate rush and motivates me to move ahead and never look back. There are so many things which can be done and can be enjoyed exploring while visiting a new place.

There is never a difficulty which can defend optimism. Such is the power of the light of early morning sun. The rejuvenating rays of the sun in the morning which can otherwise go unnoticed can give the most mesmerizing view. Sipping the morning tea near a lake or somewhere in between the mountains will certainly be refreshing giving a kick start to your day. Accessing nature rather than internet while traveling is like a magical spell which makes you never want to come back.

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Plugging in good music or reading a book makes you want to feel that connection with nature even more. Things like these make your soul speak to the Mother Nature. Recently, solo traveling has become really popular- people sharing their own stories of self discovery while traveling is the new hit. Solo travel indeed works miraculously as it tends to give a new path, a new vision towards life. You can stop anywhere, anytime just to capture the beautiful moments in your cameras and try to cease them in your mind. Whereas traveling with someone else, or say in a group becomes all the more fun when you have the right company. Sharing the joy of travelling with others is greater than any other joy.

For me, travel is beyond exploration. It leaves my mind to hunt for a new place and new people worth remembering for lifetime. Plugging in music or simply sitting in silence on the shore of say Arabian Sea, which I did this Dusshera made me realize the value of life.

Travel is not only a break from the monotonous life but it tends to engulf the mind into deep thoughts in a new surrounding, away from home where you are allowed to go with the flow of nature and be independent to simply follow your heart.

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-Written By Mahak Dutta



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