Hogenakkal Falls – The Niagara Falls Of India – A Day Trip From Bangalore

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hogenakkal falls

Hogenakkal Falls – The Niagara Falls Of India – A Day Trip From Bangalore

While I was looking for one day trips from Bangalore, a friend of mine (a Bangalorean) suggested to visit Nandi Hills and Hogenakkal Falls. It was in the month of June and I had read in a lot of blogs that June/July is not the ideal time to visit Hogenakkal. After seeing its photos on Google I was sure that I can’t miss it even if it’s June.


Hogenakkal Falls is a major attraction placed on the Kaveri river in a district called Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu. This wonder of nature lies on the border of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. As you are boating amidst the falls, you will be in between Tamil Nadu on the right and Karnataka on the left.


Approximately 170 km


The best way to reach Hogenakkal Falls is only by car/taxi. Either you rent a car or hire a taxi. There are no direct buses or trains. We preferred to hire a taxi. A night before, we called around 4-5 transporters to get a rough estimate of the rates. Everyone quoted almost the same price i.e. INR 9/km + INR 500 for Inter State Road Tax + INR 200 for the driver = INR 3500 (after negotiating) for a Non-AC car though. 🙁 The route from Bangalore to Hogenakkal goes through some of the greener parts of Tamil Nadu and old-style villages. The route filled me with awe! I clicked around 250-300 photos exclusively of the route. The journey usually takes 4-5 hours but we reached in 2.5 hours as we left early in the morning. Also, thanks to our super efficient and co-operative driver.

how to reach hogenakkal falls

The moment when I couldn’t take my eyes and camera lense off the view.

how to reach hogenakkal falls

The photo did no justice to how beautiful it was.

how to reach hogenakkal falls

Look at the clouds so dense!



The best part of this excursion was the coracle ride. Coracle is basically a circular local fishing crafts made of bamboo and tar (to make it waterproof). The cost for the ride varies season to season. In June, we paid INR 750 for one boat that includes maximum of 4 people.

hogenakkal falls coracle ride

After rains the water falls off these rocks which is why I want to visit it again. :'(

hogenakkal boat ride

Like this but in large quantities. 😛 🙁

Again, I read it in a lot of blogs that to reach the boat you have to descend (and obviously ascend to go back) few steps which is not suitable for older people. But this cute old couple certainly proved them wrong.

hogenakkal boat ride

The boat man will stop at a small island along the riverside. You can chill along the river, take bath in the river and click photos to make the most of it. However we didn’t do a thing because of the unbearable heat. Also, the water wasn’t clean at all. But yes, some people were taking bath. So up to you 😛 😀

Hogenakkal falls island

The island thingy.


Anytime after August till March is the perfect time to witness the falls in its pristine self. I realized the photos that are shown on the internet is taken after the monsoons. From April-Mid July the river has less water, there are hardly 2-3 falls and the summer heat will kill you. I recommend not to travel during this period as you will not anything you see on the internet and it is sheer waste of money and effort.

After monsoons the coracle ride is closed when the water level is high but to witness the falls will be an experience in itself.

hogenakkal falls in june

Update your bucketlist people!


Ok so, there’s a difference between bathing in waterfall and bathing in waterfall with soap and shampoo. The bathing area is separate for men and women. Speaking of ladies bathing area, you really don’t bathe under the waterfall. You stand below a tap of water, bring all your toiletries and litter the place making it hard to even stand in shoes.

The bathing area for ladies was secluded and obviously I couldn’t click pictures of naked aunties. On the contrary the area for men, which was open and visible, was MUCH better than that of ladies. Mother of discrimination! :O

hogenakkal waterfall bath

What’s up Unkil?


There is no decent restaurant or food joint nearby but the fresh fish cooked by the locals is known to be delicious and a must try. Tbh, that was not hygienic at all and considering the immunity of my stomach I opted not to have it. So .. If you go there and try it, please let me know how it was in the comments below. 😀

fish fry hogenakkal falls


The photos shown above are beautiful, right? Right. But let’s take a look at the darker side of it. 😛

hogenakkal dirty

Hi! I am Crap Bag.

If you can refrain yourself from making your home a mess, why can’t you refrain yourself from making a planet so beautiful a mess? I believe it has given you much more than your home has. 🙂


Visiting Hogenakkal in June was indeed a waste of money. I will definitely visit again BUT only after monsoons.

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5 Places Near Bangalore For Photographers.

As the weekend approaches, everyone plans to take a break from the monotonous routine life. Bangalore is very well known as an amalgam of the metropolitan life and its scenic surroundings in the suburbs. The pleasant weather all round the year is a cherry on the top. With the long weekend coming up during the onset of winters, it is time for you to fit into your travelling shoes to hop on and take a ride to the lush green hills of Karnataka. And what is a weekend getaway or a vacation without a good camera? So here comes a list of five places near the high tech capital of India which will be a treat for the photographers in the house:



Commonly known as a small temple town in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, Gokarna is situated near the Goa-Karnataka border; hence the name. It is around 500 kilometers from Bangalore and is accessible via both roads and railway routes. However I’d suggest that a day journey by car till Gokarna will give you the most amazing sights to capture in your cameras. The journey itself has a lot to offer. Chikmagaluru onwards you will encounter green hills, narrow roads and cool breeze which will draw you down in its beauty. The overwhelming beauty of the green cover in Shimoga will mesmerize the nature and peace lovers. Entire area is covered with hills and forests on both sides of the road. Jog falls is another major attraction on the way to Gokarna.

As you enter Gokarna, the sheer aura of the place can take your breath away. After wandering through the beautiful paddy fields and the mountains, you’d see the Om and Kudle beaches which are amongst the popular ones surrounded by coconut and palm trees in the vicinity of the Gokarna town. It is a rural version of Goa with an abundance of serenity. One should not miss Kudle beach overlooking The Arabian Sea for capturing the best shots.


cycling in pondicherry

Situated in the South eastern part of Tamil Nadu, it has a colonial touch to itself as it has been a French colonial town. The Promenade beach overlooking The Bay of Bengal is completely worth it. For people who have a penchant for art and craft must visit the boutiques run by Aurobindo ashram that showcase marbling on handmade paper and fabrics, beautiful wood work, handcrafted jewels etc. Pottery studios and centers are a unique place for experiment seekers and photo fanatics as they’ll get to explore the ancient art of clay. Another treat for your camera lens would be the scenic beauty of the Paradise beach, the international township of Matrimandir at Auroville and also the Tamil and French quarters.

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coorg weekend getaway

Located in the Kodagu district of Karnataka, Coorg is heaven for nature lovers and travel enthusiasts. Driving amidst the rich and green paddy fields in the vicinity of the lovely hills is truly a delight for photographers. Places like Abbey Falls situated in the middle of lush green landscape and The Namdroling Monastry are totally ecstatic. The Namdroling Monastry is a Tibetan monastery presided over by an 18m high gold-plated Buddha. One can get unique pictures as all the paintings are gold plated.

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Hogekannal Falls

hogenakkal falls

Better known as the Niagara Falls of India Hogekannal Falls is situated in the Dharampuri district of Tamil Nadu. It is only 180 kilometers from Bangalore and is a major tourist attraction for its medicinal baths and boat rides. The best season to visit is just after the monsoons.

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The rocky landscape stippled with ancient temple ruins make up the panoramic view of the city of Hampi. It is home to the most elaborate structures of the Shivlinga and Vitthala temples and is hence a UNESCO World Heritage site. The pictures of this temple town will certainly be magnificent. It is also the destination for all adventure junkies because of rock climbing and trekking.

Pin these top 5 places near Bangalore that is a treat for all the photographers in the house.

places near bangalore

-Written By Mahak Dutta


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