Welcome to my blog - Trippindian. I'm Neha Parti, and I know I screwed up the name. But you know every knocked up thing comes along with a naïve story. I plan to answer it one by one. 


I'm a 22 years old girl, living in Delhi, India. Apart from dealing with the chaotic norms of this diverse country, I intend to establish my own business in the coming years. The research for the same requires me to travel to different parts of India and simply observe. Hopefully, once it is established this bio wouldn't remain the same. 


Now, it doesn't mean one will only find posts on India. I started this blog when I came back from my backpacking trip in Europe. Although I started writing articles for free much earlier i.e. after my first solo trip to Paris in 2015 when I was 19.  

Trippindian is a travel blog about such experiences. Here's a list of content you will find here:

 Detailed itineraries

 Hotel/Hostel reviews

 Travel ideas or tips

  Travel quizzes

 Life-changing experiences

 Guest posts from fellow bloggers, sponsored posts and articles written by my friends that I'd love to showcase to my readers. 


First of all, I get a lot of mails addressing me as 'Trippin Indian'. NO! It's pronounced as Trippy-Indian and written as Trippindian with no space in between. The idea behind this was 'i' will act as both Y and I - Y of trippy and I of Indian, and hence, Trippindian. 

 One day, me and my friend, Raghav, were sitting in a café and we decided to start a blog. I didn't even know what it is or how it works until he told me. The deal was that he would work on all the technical aspects of the site as he had an engineering background, and I would write the content. He said that he had already bought a domain named www.trippindian.com with his friend in 2015. Their plan was to write about their travels but it somehow didn't work. So, we came to a conclusion that we would continue with the same domain, and make it work this time. We started working on it all-day all-night in September 2016.

Things changed and so did we. Raghav's departure made me the sole owner of this blog. He too wrote few articles which happen to rank quite well on Google. Check them out here. He still helps me out with the technical stuff, though! Had he not been there, this site wouldn't even exist. 

Happy reading! Happier traveling!

CONTACT - admin@trippindian.com