Can You Get A 15/15 On WORLD CAPITALS Quiz?

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World Capitals Quiz

Can You Get A 15/15 On WORLD CAPITALS Quiz?

It’s always a joy in testing my knowledge now and then. And, when it comes to travel I always love knowing more. The most! The world is so vast and knowing everything is simply out of question. Yet everyday I seek to know more and see more.

I have pursued Travel and Tourism Management, and thanks to that course, I know the capitals of every country in this world. Yes, they make you learn the capitals of 195 countries and I immensely enjoyed learning them. Sadly, I didn’t even know the capitals of the most popular countries until I had pursued it. This is the reason I curated this quiz – I wanted to see how much people are aware of the world capitals. So, what better place than my own blog to see that.

I’d love to see your scores and know more about your background – how old are you, what profession, your education … anything. You could drop a comment below or share your results on Facebook and tag my Facebook page.

Also, I came across a book which includes everything from capital cities, flags, populations to continents and several other facts. The book is very useful and handy. It’s quite cheap and is an updated 2018 version. Buy the book here.




World Capitals Quiz

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