10 Most Beautiful Hidden Gems In Spain

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10 Most Beautiful Hidden Gems In Spain

These is no place in Spain tourists have not discovered, yet it feels quite awesome when you discover a less-travelled place. Every time you think of Spain, cities like Barcelona, Madrid or Seville cross your mind. No doubts that each is pretty and unique in its own way but the country boasts beautiful hidden gems that travelers are unaware of. My request to you is to step out of these popular tourist destinations and take a tour of these offbeat treasures to have a first hand experience of Spain’s glorious past. Take note of these hidden gems in Spain to discover nature and history together.


Hidden Gems In Spain - galicia

The Beach of the Cathedrals is a stunning Spanish beach located in the province of Galicia. This work of nature is sure to leave you smitten! Walk through unspoilt sand corridors and large rock formations for a memorable experience. The natural arches and the caves are only visible when there’s a low tide. Therefore, make sure to check the weather before heading. Entry to the beach is free but one has to make a reservation else you won’t be allowed access. Book online, through travel agent or hotel concierge. Away from the tourist frequented cities, Galicia in the North West part of Spain offers a taste of ‘real’ Spanish culture.


Hidden Gems In Spain - GIRONA

Beautifully preserved labyrinth of narrow streets, old city walls, and quirky street cafes make Girona so unique. The cobbled city streets, the Eiffel bridge, the medieval walls, the Jewish Quarter, are a joy to stroll through. A treat for Game of Thrones fans as shots of the Girona Cathedral were used in season 6. The entire area around will remind you of scenes from the show. Spend a night in the most exclusive Spanish villas to experience both history and luxury. Discover the city of myths and folklore!


Hidden Gems In Spain- besalu

A medieval village in Catalonia makes an interesting day trip from Barcelona. One of its essential features is this Romanesque bridge over the river Fluviá. This place has an old world charm which will make you feel you have stepped thousand years back in history. If you plan a trip to this well-kept secret, take a look at the Photojourney to Besalú written by Laurel. It wouldn’t take more than an hour or two to capture the beauty of Besalú. What you can do is, take a bus or a train to go further to Girona – another unexplored gem in Catalonia, Spain.


Hidden Gems In Spain - almeria

Historians will love this town because of its historical significance. People go there for the Alcazaba – the second largest Muslim walled-fortification that overlooks Almeria. Marvel at how this Muslim fortress fell permanently in the hands of Christians after the 15th century. Earthquake in 1522 completely devastated Almeria and the Alcazaba, but its beautiful reconstruction is enough to recall the grand former times.


Hidden Gems In Spain - burgos

This monumental town is filled with medieval ambiance! One can find Gothic architecture, ancient buildings, at every corner. Its grey-stone architecture might be endlessly fascinating but it is the fresh cheese that draws people to the town. It is popular throughout the country, but why not savor it in its origin!?


Hidden Gems In Spain - las-medulas

Las Médulas is one of the most important World Heritage Sites in the world. It offers a spectacular landscape which is a result of the gold mining techniques used in the old times. It is a major historic gold mining site devastated by Romans hundreds of years ago. Unveil the work of giants and admire the remains of the Roman empire!


Hidden Gems In Spain - rhonda / ronda

Ronda – the birthplace of modern bullfighting retains much of its historic charm. Ronda’s famous landmark – The Puente Nuevo – is the new bridge which joins the old Moorish town to the new parts of the city. After Muslim domination ended in the 15th century, Ronda became a refuge for the Muslims as they either had an option to vacate or to convert. The Arabic walls, Palace of the Moorish King, Mondragon Palace, the Arab Baths, provide a unique glimpse into Ronda’s past.


Hidden Gems In Spain - ALCAZAR OF SEGOVIA

Famous for it Aqueduct – a bridge built by Romans to supply water to the military fort, it is a world heritage city with notable monuments that make the visit worthwhile. In addition to the Aqueduct, the Alcázar plays an integral role in the Spanish history. It was an abode to a lot of Spanish kings with interiors that depict all the styles – Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Mudejar. It is no less than a fairytale castle placed on a cliff formed with picturesque turrets!


Hidden Gems In Spain - ANTEQUERA

Antequera in the heart of Andalusia is synonymous with megalithic structures. A very pretty town rich in history, tradition, and heritage! It hosts a variety of things to see – the Dolmens of Antequera, Renaissance church of Santa Marí­a la Mayor Church, the Moorish castle, and El Torcal. One of the unique features of Spain is the El Torcal Natural Reserve for its stunning limestone formations. Explore the most impressive sights of Europe in this little town!

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Hidden Gems In Spain - GRANADA

Located at the foot of the mountain Sierra Nevada, this enchanting Spanish city is quite popular yet not much visited by travelers. Atop a hill lies the majestic fortress and palace, Alhambra, which is a perfect blend of Moorish and Christian architecture. Its sheer beauty and marvelous design reflect the extravagance of Granada’s Islamic history. Every part of the city has a story to be told!

If you really wish to grasp the glorious background of Spain, ditch all those modern cities and head to these captivating offbeat places in Spain filled with antiquities!

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Hidden Gems In Spain

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I’m always looking for new – less well trodden – places to visit. This is a great list that has given me inspiration!


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These are great picks! I never would’ve considered some of them – thanks for sharing!


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There are some really great places on this list! It’s true that most tourists don’t think past the famous Spanish cities like Barcelona or Madrid but there are so many wonderful cities in Spain. Thanks for sharing this post, it’s really good inspiration for finding lesser known places to visit 🙂


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I’ve been in Spain couple of times, but never visited any of those places. Girona looks very tempting.


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I’m heading to Granada for the first time in a few weeks and can’t wait! I love Spain and would love to discover lesser-known cities.

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January 21, 2018 at 8:10 am

Great ideas! We haven’t been to Spain yet so I’ll add these to the list!

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