Airbnb Or Hostel – Which One To Choose?

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Airbnb or Hostel

Airbnb Or Hostel – Which One To Choose?

I have been asked a couple of times what exactly is AirBnB and a Hostel? And, which one to choose – Airbnb or Hostel? So, I thought why not explain it in detail and you decide for yourself.


AIRBNB: People across countries rent our their spaces and put them on an online platform i.e. Airbnb which enables travelers like us to book vacation homes for a certain amount of time and fee. It covers almost 191 countries.

HOSTEL:  It is a low-budget accommodation that provides services at very economical rates. We pay for a single bed and the room is shared with other travelers.


AIRBNB: There is a wide range of lodging that Airbnb offers.

1. Shared Room/Apartment: Sharing room with travelers. So, basically there will be one room or one apartment that you will be made to share with fellow travelers.

2. Private Room: You have your own personal bedroom. Access to the kitchen and other areas like living room, etc is always mentioned in the terms. Hence, the price difference. It could either be a one bedroom apartment or in case and mostly it is more than one bedroom. In this case, the host stays in the same home but obviously in different rooms. 😛

3. Entire Apartment: The space is all yours. You can access every part of the apartment. The host will come, hand you the keys and again come back at the day of check-out to take the keys.

HOSTEL: I am only going to talk about dorms here. (there are private rooms in hostel too) The dorm size can range from 4 beds to 18 beds. Dorms are usually of 2 types:

1. Mixed Dorms: Where both male and female can accommodate.

2. Female Dorms: Only for girls. Female dorms are costlier than mixed ones but there isn’t much difference.

Nothing remains private here. Be ready for common washrooms too. Although despite of this, I’ve mostly stayed in hostels. Read more to know why. 😀


AIRBNB: Prices range from minimum to maximum depending upon the facilities and location one chooses. I could not say if it is cheaper than staying in hotels as there are some gorgeous Airbnbs which are highly expensive but are worth living in. However, it is a great way to get insight about the lives of the natives. Homes which are on the outskirts of the city are much cheaper. The ones inside the city specially the city center are high-priced but you can definitely get it in your budget.

HOSTEL: Hostels are way cheaper than any accommodation. If you wish to go backpacking and are on a budget trip which obviously means spending the least on accommodation, then hostels are just perfect for you. Reminder: More beds = Less cost. The cost decreases as the number of beds in the dorms increase. 


AIRBNB: Staying in AirBnb can make you feel like home away from home. You live in a homelike environment in a completely different city. 

HOSTEL: There is no privacy in hostels. You wake up in the morning and see people all around. Thereupon you stand in a queue to use the washroom. You have to take extra care of your belongings as the hostel takes no responsibility for it.


AIRBNB: Getting information about the city in an AirBnB depends upon the type of accommodation and most importantly the host. Taking in account entire home/apt, it can be a little difficult to seek anyone’s help because you hardly get to meet the host. (most of the times)  However, there is a lot of stuff that is kept by the host in the apartment that makes a lot easy for you to go around the city like city map, list of famous restaurants, major attractions and their personal recommendations. In case the host stays in the same home (that might happen when you book a private room/shared room), the host will tell you about the city. I have faced a lot of language problems in several European countries. The solution to this either Google Translation App or while booking make sure to check the reviews about the host.

HOSTEL: People working at the hostel are quite generous and will do their best to help you out with literally everything. Ask about anything and they are there. Hostels too provide city maps, metro maps, major attractions list, transfers, restaurants list and details about the events happening in and around the city. Hostels, for such instance, is one step ahead of Airbnb as people working at hostels speak English which makes communication a lot easier.


AIRBNB: If you are looking for privacy but also want to experience the essence of local culture, then choosing AirBnB would be a perfect option. Hosts are interactive but it’s rare that they accompany you for travel.

HOSTEL: The only reason why I love staying in hostels is because I get to interact with so many people all from different backgrounds having the same purpose i.e. wander. Plus, there are so many activities that keep going on like pub crawls, yoga sessions, combined city tours, team games before dinner, etc. I am that kind of a person who likes to travel solo but wish to meet people on my way. Therefore, I feel hostels are just made for me.

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If you have any other point to add or wish to know more about Airbnb or Hostel, write down in the comments below.

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