Volunteering At Roadhouse Hostel : A Life-Changing Experience

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volunteering at roadhouse hostel

Volunteering At Roadhouse Hostel : A Life-Changing Experience

After volunteering in Goa, I had been wanting to work again for a hostel. Reason? The experience is simply exhilarating. While working in Goa I realized that traveling is not all about exploring places. The people you meet on your way are the ones who can make the journey or break the journey.

My affection for Rajasthan made me apply to Roadhouse Hostel in Jaipur. This was my first time in Jaipur. Not technically because I’ve been to Jaipur before but that was for some work so I never count that.

Being a Travel Blogger, my job was to stay there, write blog posts for them, put stories on Instagram, provide them with good quality photographs of the hostel and obviously interact with the guests, take them out and tell them about the city. What did I get in return? Free accommodation and food for 11 days!

The good thing is that anyone who is passionate about travelling and meeting new people can volunteer. Read more to know how you can apply for this life-changing experience at Roadhouse.

How was it life-changing for me?

4Th August I got back from Jaipur and that smile from my face has just not gone ever since. I was sad because it was over. I was happy because NO REASON! One should always stay happy no matter what. 😀 I’d love to share a bunch of things that I learned on this trip with y’all.

1. You are a combination of places you go and people you meet. As I said earlier, it is not the place but the people who can bring a change in you. At Roadhouse, it is new day, new friend. Every new day marks new friendship. I met travellers from around the world having different backgrounds, different values, different culture, and different approach towards life. Try and find any one positive quality of a person you meet and apply it to yourself. That’s what I plan to do from now on.

volunteering at roadhouse hostel

Humans of Bombay and UK. Although at Roadhouse, they are just humans. 😀 😛

2. You are safe till the time you’re aware of your surroundings. Living in Delhi has conditioned me to feel unsafe everywhere. Whenever I am travelling alone, I always have these thoughts at the back of my mind.. “Is that place safe for women”.. “I should get back by 8ish” .. “What if I get raped while travelling alone”.. “What if somebody mix something in my drink” .. YES! I have all these thoughts on my mind. I was too afraid to travel solo in India until I met solo women travelers from countries one has not even heard of. Those girls could not even speak English yet they have explored such offbeat places in India (where language is a MAJOR problem) keeping all their fears aside. So, one important thing that I learned was to be aware of your surroundings, know your limits, make your own lines and you’re good to go!

3. When you get out of your comfort zone, you grow. I realized learning new things make me happy. It could be learning things about myself or learning new skills. Anything that is new and that keeps my mind moving is what gives me immense happiness. For me or maybe for every human being, anything you do out of your comfort zone, makes you grow. Hence, do things that make you most uncomfortable. It could be as small as going up to a group of people and starting a discussion for an introvert. It will SURELY bring a change in you.

4. Nothing is going according to the plan but I’m still happy. I had dreams. I still have them. I am not living the way I wanted to. Things are not going the way I wished. Nothing in my life is working according to how I planned it to be. I am still living on my parents money. BUT this doesn’t mean I will stop being happy and stop living. This should not make me lose focus. If I have failed at achieving them now, I will succeed at achieving them later. All I have learned is if I really want it and I’m ready to do any hard work for it, nobody can take it away from me. I will not keep any choice for myself and certainly not settle for anything less than that. Believe in yourself and your dreams!

5. Be carefree. Be happy. On the very first day I met these two Bombay girls, Reena and Riddhi, and they made it SO hard for me to leave Jaipur and come back to Delhi. I thought I know how to live life and I thought myself as a person who doesn’t care about people’s opinions whatsoever. But no, I did not know how to live or I did not know how to NOT care. They made me realize that even if you keep doing all good things, you will not be able to please everyone on this planet. So, do what you feel is right without even giving a thought what any damn person is going to think of you. People are going to judge you, people are going to pass comments, people are going to hold opinions about you. You gotta give no fuck about them and live, act, and behave the way you wish to. Live for yourself, learn new things for yourself, dance for yourself! Haha, I am sure if they read this they will understand!

volunteering at roadhouse hostel

Reena Riddhi 😀

My new plan is to get a tattoo from any city/country that brings a change in me. On my last day i.e. 3rd August, I woke up and felt so happy. I looked up for a good tattoo artist in Jaipur and got this done.

life tattoos

Tout est dans l’espirit – Everything is in the mind.

Do you wish to volunteer at Roadhouse?

There are 5 Roadhouse Hostels across India – Jaipur, Varanasi and three RH in Goa. If you wish to explore the city and help the hostel at the same time in exchange for free accommodation, all you have to do is:

1. Send your details to work@roadhousehostels.com OR apply for work exchange at Worldpackers or Workaway. Mention how you can help them and what skills you have. You can get involved as a musician, a blogger, a photographer, an artist, and for customer service, social media handling, etc.

2. You must volunteer for a minimum duration of 2 weeks.

3. Since it is a volunteer work, you will not be paid for it. BUT you will get accommodation in a dorm and 3 meals a day. (However, this depends on your correspondence with the hostel team)


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volunteering at roadhouse hostel

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22-year-old girl, who one day realized how travelling to far off places and going on adventures could change perspective about life. That was the day when Trippindian was found and she started finding her hobby, passion and profession in it.



August 17, 2017 at 6:09 pm

We miss you girl! And I had so much fun reading the post! Come back soon :-*


    August 17, 2017 at 6:50 pm

    Will meet you super soon 🙂

Ana Ojha

August 21, 2017 at 8:16 pm

Wow! I really liked this concept of volunteering for a hostel! What a great way to explore the city and engage with the locals!

Sherrie Fabrizi Allbritten

August 22, 2017 at 12:57 am

This is a great idea for someone who wants to write and travel! You must learn so much more about their culture then if you were just sightseeing like a tourist. Good for you


August 22, 2017 at 4:04 am

Sounds like you had such a great experience volunteering here. Looks like you got so much more that your room and food. You got to grow as a person and meet new people that thought you invaluable things. That alone is priceless. Glad you had this wonderful experience.


August 22, 2017 at 8:48 am

Sounds like you had a wonderful and good life lessons too!

Michelle | michwanderlust

August 30, 2017 at 10:06 am

Glad that you had such a wonderful time! Can totally relate to this 🙂 Whenever you travel I think it changes you as a person by broadening your horizons, and even more so when you volunteer because it’s just a totally different way of travelling. I did a 6-month stint teaching English in rural Ecuador and it was hands-down the best part of my entire South America trip.


August 31, 2017 at 6:59 pm

I loved reading your article. I should say it was like directly Dil Se. Actually, every travel experience teaches you so much and you have learned here so much. I have never volunteered for any hostel but will love to experience it at least once. I liked your tattoo and the thought behind it.

Mohana Das

May 19, 2018 at 2:40 pm

I didn’t know you could volunteer at hostels in India! Thanks for this post. I’m glad you had an amazing time 🙂


May 19, 2018 at 6:39 pm

It sounds like it was a really positive experience for you! Maybe you should consider a career in hospitality? I friend of mine works in hospitality management for luxury properties, and he travels the world to train the staff at five-star hotels!

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