9 Basic Yet Essential Tips For Female Solo Travelers

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9 Basic Yet Essential Tips For Female Solo Travelers

Recently I have come across a lot of women who have left behind their fears and entered into the journey of exploration ALONE. ‘Solo Travel’ as fancy as the concept is, comes along with tons of responsibilities and worries. Most importantly when the solo traveler is a girl, she better understand the fancy concept well. ( not because I think a girl any less, but the society is a mess, you know!? )

If you feel I am going to be all pessimistic in this article, not to worry! The world of travel is way beyond the norms and we as travelers have a lot to focus on.

I have discussed few tips below for a safe and happy travel.

Phase 1 of travel:


What is a right destination for solo travel? The one that suits your budget, where language is no barrier and crime rate is low. Because frankly people, planet earth is a beautiful place but you gotta save your ass from the troublemakers.

Phase 2


Solo travelers prefer hostels and Couchsurfing over AirBnBs for they want to interact with the fellow travelers. Also, hostels are comparatively cheap with loads of activities going around all week. AirBnB is perfect if you want to stay aloof and all by yourself.


One advice that I not only give to solo travelers but also to people travelling in groups, that is, to stay in the city center and not on the outskirts. This way you save A LOT on commuting. There will certainly be beautiful accommodations at a very economical price on the outskirts which will lure you but believe me you will end up spending more.

Phase 3

All set to go but wait, WHAT TO PACK?

This completely depends on the destination and the weather. Every country is bound by different norms and rules which might go above your head but you have to or rather you should obey to them and dress accordingly. For instance, in a city like Banaras, India, you cannot even think of wearing anything above your knees. This is just for you to enjoy the place and not worry about the constant stares.

Hence, respect the tradition of the country you visit.

Phase 4


I would always advice this to people travelling alone. Book your flight or train in such a way that you arrive in the morning. Avoid late night arrivals. Not speaking in terms of safety but in countries like Europe, it is hard to find transport from Airport or Train Stations at night. I still remember looking for a taxi for 2 hours at 0100 hrs in Madrid.

Phase 5

I gotta call Mom, she must be worried. WHERE TO BUY THE SIM CARD?

Buy a SIM card as soon as you land either from the airport or a nearby store. I don’t prefer buying SIM card from my own country. For my Europe trip, I travelled to 3 countries, and instead of buying a SIM card from India (where I live and where we usually get Matrix SIM card), I bought SIM card from that specific country. (means 3 different SIM cards) Why?

1. I was planning to travel to small cities and towns, and there are times when Matrix network does not work at all. Local sim cards have better network connectivity.

2. You can find super cheap deals on local SIM cards in comparison to Matrix or any international SIM card.

Phase 6


This might sound crazy for some but believe me it is FUN. I am sure you must have planned a perfect itinerary for your trip. Try to take out one day and explore free things in the city. Keep your budget as low as possible and discover new and free things to do. For example, go to all the museums which has a free entry or spend time at a mountain top enjoying the lovely view of the city. You have NO idea how crazy your day will turn out to be.

Phase 7


Travelers not often but always go their own way when it comes to exploring. For once, go on an organized tour and let somebody else give you the details.

On my trip to Paris, I thought of going on a one-day excursion to Normandy. I am glad I opted for the organized tour. Why?

1. It is not easy to find transport in Normandy.

2. I would not have known the little facts about the town.

3. I would not have met a bunch of curious travelers who still are my friends.


Phase 8

Know yourself, GO OFFBEAT!

Travelers meet where tourists don’t. Get out of your comfort zone and go discover something unusual. Visit a place that has minimum tourists, meet the natives and fellow travelers on your way. Explore something that has not been explored by many. The vibes of an unspoiled place will make you introspect. Hence, you know yourself a little more.

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Phase 9


I know it can be annoying to ask people to click your picture but DO NOT hesitate. Get yourself clicked with every background possible! One week after you come back and see that you have no photo, believe me, it sucks! CAPTURE EACH AND EVERY MEMORY.

Embrace the experience of being alone and appreciate your own company. Never show your fears or vulnerability to anyone. Do not let anyone take advantage of you or your loneliness. Don’t let your fear keep you from exploring the wonderful world out there.

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August 28, 2017 at 6:18 pm

I love this and I am solo female traveler. With my Type A personality, I have everything planned before I get on the plane. lol


August 29, 2017 at 7:18 am

Great tips! My mum recently jumped into the solo travelling world which I’ve never experienced. I’ll have to share this with her.


August 29, 2017 at 7:20 am

Great tips! I’ll have to share this with my mum who has recently jumped into the solo travelling world.


August 29, 2017 at 7:37 am

Some great tips here that apply to both male and female solo travellers! I’d suggest packing light to be another big one! Usually half of what you think you will need

Glenda gomez

August 31, 2017 at 5:41 pm

You’ve gave me very useful tips! Specially the Local sim, it allawys good to be in touch with someone back at home. Thanks for sharing


July 27, 2018 at 12:38 pm

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