Is Atlantis Overrated? Review And Guide

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Is Atlantis Overrated? Review And Guide

This post contains affiliate links. This is not a paid review. I was a paying customer and chose to review it on my website.

The only reason why Dubai was on my bucket list is Skydive, Dubai. But who knew that dive could urge me to explore this 5-Star Hotel, Atlantis- The Palm. Wondering how a dive can urge someone to explore a hotel? Here is why.

skydive atlantis

The red arrow is where Atlantis is located. Situated right in the middle of the Palm Islands. Could it be more dreamy and gorgeous? Let’s focus on the most frequently asked question:


Why not I give you the details and you decide for yourself?


As shown in the picture above, the location was exotic. Travellers who wish to enjoy the city and not the hotel, think twice before staying here. People come here to enjoy the hotel and not many (at least me) can afford to stay for more than 2 nights. Also, paying this much for a stay I’d always prefer to enjoy the services of the hotel rather than keeping my bags and exploring the city. ( this was one of those ‘luxury holidays’ that happens once in a year with family, haha! ) It is slightly far from the city center but the activities inside the hotel are enough to keep you entertained.

Check-in and services:

We entered Atlantis around 12:30 pm and got into our rooms at 3:00 pm. Until then, we were standing in the lobby waiting for the process to complete. No kidding, it took us approximately 3 hours to check in. Finally, we reached our room BUT without our luggage. We kept calling them till 5:00 pm and eventually got down from our rooms (which takes around 15 minutes since the room and the reception were so freakin’ far). After sessions of arguments they finally sent the luggage to our room. This is how my day 1 at Atlantis got wasted. However, afterwards we jumped into the pool to release all the negativity. Rightly said, ‘home is where the pool is.’


atlantis pool

Chillin’ by the pool


atlantis lobby

Just when you enter.

atlantis check in

Where we waited for hours.


Atlantis is divided into two wings- West wing and East wing comprising of around 1500 rooms. The hotel is built on a nautical theme: the myth of Atlantis. The rooms were average. Everything was basic from curtains, bed to the flooring. It could have been better given the extremely high tariff. Nevertheless, the view compensated every little error that I’m pointing out.

atlantis room view

The view from our room.

The path in front of the swimming pool (Atlantis has two stunning swimming pools) leads to the beach. Very quiet and subtle.

atlantis beach

Here’s me and daddy on the beach.


If you ask me two things not to miss in Dubai? They will certainly be skydiving and Aquaventure. Oh my god! It is AMAZING. The most thrilling water park I’ve ever been to. It has dozens of jaw-dropping rides and even a day wasn’t enough for it. Almost every ride was connected to a man-made beach which again was superb. Do not leave Dubai without spending a day at Aquaventure.


I might be wrong here but for guests it is included in the package. (it was for me though) If you don’t wish to stay at Atlantis and only want to spend a day at Aquaventure, then you certainly have to buy passes separately. Check here for prices.

manmade beach aquaventure

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Snorkeling, Dolphin encounter and Aquarium Dive:

Due to a low budget and a lot being spent on the dive, I could not do any of it. However, I am surely going to experience it the next time I visit Dubai.

lost chamber atlantis

Lost Chambers Aquarium had around 65,000 marine animals. This was super intriguing.


Breakfast and dinner buffet were included in my package and holy mother of god, I LOVED IT. The best time of my day: The buffet time. There are hundreds of items to choose from and everyday there’s something new on the menu.

PRO TIP: Do not lose your card. You need card for every service you wish to avail. From breakfast to elevator, everything works by card. Keep it with yourself always.

So what did you conclude? Overrated much?

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