5 Extremely Awesome Unexplored Places In India

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5 Extremely Awesome Unexplored Places In India

Bored of the same landscapes, same city vibes and same beaches? Why not take your wanderlust to a next level and explore something unique in this exceptionally diverse nation of India. Because every new and unique destination marks a beginning of new experiences, new perspectives, new friends. These places might not have concrete itineraries or ‘places to see’ but they have a charm that one can take in just by spending a weekend doing pretty much nothing. Also, because I put them in the ‘offbeat’ category, it doesn’t mean they are not easily accessible. They are well-connected, but yes, a little extra effort required. Head to these extremely awesome not so spoilt and unexplored places in India to witness a different part of this country.


unexplored places in india - ziro-valley

Take a break from your bustling life and immerse yourself in this culturally rich village having undoubtedly beautiful scenery. It’s a small town and also a World Heritage Site in the Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pardesh.

It is not a place where you would find specific ‘places to visit’ but a place where you could experience the Apatanis ( Ziro’s tribe ) and their ‘far away from technology’ culture. Apart from the beautiful layered landscape of the rice fields, the most enriching experience could be to meet the tribe and get to know how they look at the same things but so differently. The Apatani Tribe makes you realize how diverse India is actually as a nation.

Point to note here is that don’t just do the Ziro Valley in Arunachal, instead explore more of the North Eastern states, because they have an inexplicable beauty waiting to be explored. Combine Arunachal, Sikkim and Meghalaya, and I’m pretty sure you’ll thank me later. 😀

The nearest international airport is 440 kms from Ziro in Guwahati. There’s also a night bus from Guwahati to Ziro. Railway is another inexpensive and convenient option.

KAUSANI – “Switzerland of India”

unexplored places in india - kausani

Set amidst the beautiful slopes of Uttrakhand, Kausani is a quiet hill-station offering ridiculously awesome views of Himalayan range. This might be the most peaceful surrounding to get high, too. (for stoners)

Mahatma Gandhi was so allured by its beauty of the splendid Himalayas, that he called it the Switzerland of India.

To reach, buses operate till Kathgodam and Almora. Include Almora in the plan if you wish for an extended stay cradled between the mountains. Trains go till Kathgodam, leaving Kausani a 130 km away. Buses and taxis are easily available from Kathgodam to Kausani.


unexplored places in india - varkala

Varkala is a coastal town for the free spirited. I wouldn’t say it’s untouched but it’s known by a few. December-January is the best time to visit Varkala. You’ll hardly spot any Indian as this place is full of foreigners chilling along the beach. Enjoy the views of Varkala cliff whilst sipping a cocktail and guzzling delicious sea food along with amazing live bands performing all night. All the shops, restaurants and cafes are open till midnight. It’s a perfect blend of peace, sand and solace.

Team it up with other towns like Munnar and Alleppey for a full proof Kerala experience. Ponmudi is another not so popular but enchanting hill-station in Kerala which can be explored around this time.


unexplored places in india - south-goa

Parties, nightlife, booze, clubs is what comes to mind when planning a trip to Goa. But trust me when I say this, Goa is much more than that. There are some places in Goa still waiting for attention, and to pay a visit to those outstandingly serene places, you mustn’t think of burning a hole to your pocket. South Goa is the most green, clean and peaceful of Goa which few explore.

Beaches like Palolem, Mobor, Butterfly, Agonda, and Talpona are not to be missed. And let me tell you, some of these beaches do not even have shacks there, it’s just plain blue water, golden sand, and you.

I’ve written a monsoon guide on Goa but that would probably help you add more places to the list like Fotainhas in Panjim – the old latin colony of Goa with colorful houses. I feel that’s one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in India.


kudle beach - gokarna

Kudle beach.

Yet another beach destination which is perfect not only for a booze by the beach but to embrace the tranquility of nature in solace. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax amidst the undisturbed lap of nature. People in this town give utmost importance to Lord Shiva and therefore get ready to meet hippies along the way. Unfold the sheet wrapped around your soul and be who you want to be. It’s the most calm beach destination in India because of its unspoilt and mystical beaches. If you’re into Yoga, this place will attract you even more.

Gokarna is in Karnataka and can be reached by a Taxi or bus from Goa. Overnight buses operate from cities like Mumbai and Bangalore till Goakrna.

Wondering what to do in Gokarna? I’ve got it all covered for you here!


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unexplored places in india

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December 12, 2016 at 9:39 pm

These are absolutely gorgeous places! I recently got back home from almost 3 months in Kerala and although I’d read about it prior to going, Ponmudi completely slipped my mind! Will definitely make more of an effort when I go back this year – and hopefully tick a few others off this list too!


December 12, 2016 at 9:44 pm

I´m going to India next year and I just added Kausani to my list. Looks so interesting!


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i like kausani.i visit these place

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